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3 Qualities to Look For In A Medical Equipment Planning Solution

Spreadsheets used to be the standard tool for medical equipment planners to oversee projects. But now, healthcare has grown so complex that these manual planning processes have become a liability. Every year, U.S. hospitals waste an upwards of $935 billion on waste and poor management, and some of that stems directly from inefficient equipment procurement and management.

In the U.S. alone, there are almost 1,000 medical equipment manufacturers, each with hundreds or thousands of products for planners to research and vet. Leveraging insight from department stakeholders and experts before making any major capital purchases is more important than ever to avoid the wrong decisions. Tighter budgets and shorter project timelines make these challenges even greater.

Medical equipment planning software has evolved to eliminate spreadsheets and overcome these challenges, so planning can move at the speed of modern business. But not all of these solutions are created equally. What should you expect from effective software?

What to Look For In the Best Medical Equipment Planning Software

Many solutions provide workflow automation and project management capabilities. What sets the best medical equipment planning software apart from the rest is how it specifically addresses the needs and challenges planners face. Look for solutions that feature:

1. An Integrated Catalog

With thousands of options to choose from for every type of medical device, finding the best solution for your organization can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Software with integrated catalogs allow you to enter your exact equipment standards and filter out all of the products that aren’t a match. Having standardized product information in one platform also streamlines research and comparisons between potential purchases. With granular insight into each product, you may even identify critical specs and further refine your search.

2. Standards Enforcement Support

After setting initial equipment standards, it's up to planners to enforce them in every purchase. The best way to do this is making them as clear and accessible as possible for stakeholders and decision makers. Look for a platform that lets you communicate standards in a variety of formats so everyone is able to understand the information. Some medical equipment planning solutions only offer detailed equipment lists, complete with equipment specifications and the expected layout.

3. Centralized Project Management And Visibility

With spreadsheets and database programs, it was up to planners to update this single point of truth for the entire organization and relay the current version to anyone who needed it. With medical equipment planning software, everyone has access to this point of truth stored in a cloud, accessible from anywhere and any time they want. They can log in to see the status of a current project, add insight, vote on a purchase decision, and see everything updated in real time. The software even stores project documents in the app, without the need for shared folders. This eliminates all the legwork of wrangling feedback over email and manually inputting it. History tracking and comments also effectively tell the entire story of the equipment in the project plan. Now everyone can contribute to decision making without any extra data entry.

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