AQ CPQ for Mac

It’s time to optimize your AQ experience and access all of the latest and greatest features that AQ CPQ has to offer.

A Better AQ Experience for Mac Users is Here

With the AQ CPQ for Mac offering, you can enjoy the full-featured AQ CPQ using the Parallels virtualization technology. Now you can access all of the latest and greatest enhancements and new features, maximizing the value of your AQ subscription.


Why do I need to switch?

Stay Up to Date

With automatic monthly updates, and the ability to run on the latest macOS Big Sur versions, you’ll have access to security enhancements and bug fixes from AQ and Apple.

Save Time

You can leverage new features like Quote Acceptance, AQ Pay, and Custom Payment Terms that drive a more efficient sales process and help you transact digitally.

Stay Competitive

New AQ filters like the UL Certified and Rebate-eligible help you find the right equipment for customers fast and help them save money at the point of sale with energy-saving rebates that range from $50 to $7,000!

A Better Experience

As AQ evolves, you don’t want to get left behind your competitors. With this technology, other offerings like AQ Design Solutions and AQ SKU are in reach to further streamline the sales process for you and your team.

Want more info?

Connect with the AQ Customer Success team to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AQ CPQ for Mac with Parallels work with M1 Chips?

  • Yes, AQ CPQ operates seamlessly on Macs with M1 chips using Parallels virtualization technology, ensuring optimal performance.


What are the system requirements for Parallels Desktop 19?

  • You can learn more about system requirements here


I’ve heard that virtualization technology is slow – is that true?

  • The Parallels virtualization tech effortlessly runs graphics and resource-hungry Windows applications like Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Microsoft Power BI without slowing down your Mac. Many AQ customers are already using this technology without issue.


I want to use AQ CPQ on my Mac as a native application that appears in the dock – can I do that with Parallels?