Powertrak VR Product Configurator

Augment Visual Product Configurations With Virtual Reality

Revolutionize How You Sell And Market Configurable Products And Environments

Experience VR On Smartphones With Powertrak VR Design Viewer

Experience 3D product configurations in virtual reality on your iPhone or Android smartphone with Google Cardboard.

Powertrak VR Design Viewer enables businesses to share configured products and room designs in virtual reality to prospective customers via smartphone VR headsets.

In turn, the immersive virtual reality experience enables customers to make better and faster-buying decisions by visualizing near realistic, 3D product models and exploring custom-designed environments.

Virtual Reality With Product Interaction

While the VR Design Viewer offers a viewing only experience, Powertrak VRoom delivers the most complete, interactive virtual reality experience in fixed locations.

VRoom leverages the HTC Vive to move products in a scene, change viewing options, and explore the environment.

Despite it being tethered to a machine, VRoom is very effective on the trade show floor or in an experience center.

Virtual Reality Benefits

Interactive Storytelling

Convey attributes and benefits by enabling users to visualize, explore, and operate.

Inspire. Educate. Build Trust.

Seeing is believing and experiencing builds trust! VR helps you communicate, educate, and inspire in ways that illustrations and pictures alone can never achieve.

Virtual Showroom

Explore customized environments in detail through high-end, near-photorealistic 3D renderings.

Personalized Experience

Strengthen the relationship between users, stakeholders and the brand.

Augmented Sales Tool

Quickly and efficiently showcase a variety of large-scale products without the added cost, complications, and physical limitations of samples.

Competitive Advantage

Develop an emotional, connected sales experience by demonstrating value using the latest technology.

Virtual Reality Room Scaler

Change viewing options (1.5x, normal, 0.5x, and table mode) for a superior exploring experience.

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