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Introducing products faster to market – how PLM can turbo-charge CPQ

Configure products at the click of a mouse. CPQ provides the boost needed to produce quotes faster. But where do the assets for this come from? The answer: a single Product Data Backbone.
As the Product Data Backbone, PLM connects the most disparate silos using ready-made interfaces. It turbo-charges the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) process and allows faster time-to-market – through e- mail integration, connection to various ERP systems, and multi-CAD capability. The Revalize solution already offers all of this as standard and requires no further complex reprogramming.

PLM integrates all critical systems – without customizing

PLM provides support for technical document management, mobile completion of tasks, and exchange of documents with external partners via platforms such as PROOM. This is precisely where an integrated PLM/CPQ solution differs from traditional configurators, which lack the ability to integrate multiple data silos and all additional features.

CPQE provides the necessary impetus for engineering and manufacturing processes

As an integration platform, PLM boosts the sales process with CPQ. CPQE gives internal engineering and manufacturing processes the necessary impetus. Repetitive standard parts in production do not need to be constructed manually over and over again. Instead, the process is automated, and rule based.

Many managers are not aware of the amount of time their engineering departments spend inputting the length, width, and height of components ten times in succession. By the time the required drawing emerges, the customer has already been lost to the competition.

Engineering components automatically

The configurator can produce a quote for new products as early as the bid preparation stage. This is possible because product data is available centrally and components are engineered automatically. The entire product development can be accelerated significantly straight to the sales process. All teams access the same product data in real time allowing optimum collaboration between internal and external employees.


Making engineering and manufacturing five times faster can only be achieved with a consistent pool of data. This means that all information only needs to be provided once and is accessed in real-time for configuration. Revalize PLM and CPQ are integrated allowing customers to create a quote in the configurator in just five minutes.

This allows manufacturing companies to deliver products in record time. PLM solutions, combined with the sales configuration, lead to faster time-to-market.

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