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Optimal efficiency in product development through PLM

Product development contributes significantly to the long-term success of a manufacturer. By developing new products, your company stays ahead of its competitors. However, if your product development isn’t running efficiently, you could be spending more money than you’re making.

With product lifecycle management (PLM) software, your team has the opportunity to increase efficiency, value, and success without the hassle of traditional methods. Find out now how you can increase the effectiveness of your product development using PLM and why product lifecycle management is so important for the success of your company.

What is Product Lifecycle Management?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), or product life cycle management, includes the control of a product from conception through development, design, manufacturing, sales, adaptation and decommissioning. In manufacturing, PLM programs are used to avoid bottlenecks, to manufacture products exactly to specifications and to increase production efficiency.

This is how PLM improves the efficiency of product development

Pretty much anything can go wrong in product development. Each stage of this process has its own challenges that can add costs and frustrate your customers. That’s why it’s so important to use PLM software to increase efficiency. PLM offers you numerous opportunities to streamline product development through centralized data, better collaboration, precise measurements and updated version history. By investing in product lifecycle management, you increase the chances of staying on time and within budget.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

Source of centrally bundled data

One of the biggest challenges during a product lifecycle is ensuring that everyone involved always has the right information at the right time. Traditionally, individual departments work separately, which complicates work and causes possible discrepancies. Using PLM software, your workforce can better streamline manufacturing and share knowledge in real time across the company.

Better cross-functional collaboration

Of course, your company benefits from growth. On the other hand, this also creates complex work processes and the individual departments have to work together so that your company stays on schedule. Each department has its own workflows, expertise and unique dynamics, making collaboration increasingly challenging.

Thanks to PLM, your staff can collaborate in real time – regardless of location, department or workflow. This cross-functional collaboration reduces errors, speeds work, and strengthens connectivity within your organization. Technicians can ask sales for order details and communicate with the warehouse team to ensure that all the parts needed are in stock to develop products on time.

Additionally, PLM software allows your team to communicate with customers in real time and reassure them that products are being manufactured exactly to their specifications. When you use visualization and design tools , you develop products together with your team and receive feedback to avoid errors and rework.

Current version history

Product development goes through several cycles during the conception, design and production phases. This creates many versions with large and small adjustments. There is a great risk that your team will use an outdated version and thereby lose valuable time.

If your team uses PLM software, they always have access to the latest version of a product. A good PLM solution offers structured data so that the traceability of a document is guaranteed and users can also access it on mobile devices. When the correct data is available everywhere, your team’s efficiency and satisfaction increase.

Always keep an eye on important key figures

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Every decision you make in your next product development depends on how well you analyze performance after a project is completed. PLM gives you information about time-to-market, average change duration, impact analysis, and other key metrics that can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. This information gives you the opportunity to improve your processes with each new product.

Revalize: Turbocharger for product development

Would you like to optimize your product development? Then you should use the right tool for it. PRO.FILE from Revalize is a PLM solution that meets the needs of your team in all phases of product development. PRO.FILE is designed to connect your team and offers modern tools for effective and precise product development.
With PRO.FILE, your team has everything they need - from product-centric automation to data management. Find out more about how you can use a PLM solution to optimize product development.

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