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Our CPQ Solution Helps Sales Teams Create and Optimize Quotes

Drive Increased Sales With Modern Configuration and Quoting

Configure. Price. Quote. Done.

Sofon solutions ensure that companies significantly accelerate and improve their processes

Reducing product management costs, sales costs and production and delivery costs

We make complex sales processes of companies repeatable and scalable

Reduce Lead Times

Faster turnaround on quotations is a competitive edge. By automating the quote-to-production process with Sofon’s CPQ product, sales and customer service personnel can dramatically reduce both the time required to create a quote, and the whole quote-to-production process.

Eliminate Rework

Complex products have complex configurations and complex pricing, resulting in greater opportunity for human errors. Sofon can dramatically reduce these potential human errors by pre-defining rules that create only valid configurations and accurate pricing.

Increase Efficiency

Automating the quote-to-production process frees engineers’ time to work on designing products instead of creating estimates. Sales people can spend more time prospecting and talking with customers, instead of on paperwork.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Sofon CPQ products can reduce the chance of mistakes in the final product reaching the customer, thus eliminating potential warranty claims and increasing customer satisfaction.

Streamline your business operations by revolutionizing how you quote and sell configurable products and services. For more than 20 years, Sofon has been the industry standard for CPQ and quote-to-cash software.

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