The industry’s only comprehensive and accurate product database, with powerful tools to prepare quotes quickly. From detailed product data, to always-accurate pricing, to spec sheets, warranties, design files, and more, AQ CPQ brings the entire world of FES products to your fingertips so you can sell more, more quickly.

AQ Design Solutions

The industry’s preferred and most powerful design tools will help you convert quotes to sales in no time. Seamless integration with your quotes in AQ CPQ makes this the most efficient solution in the market, hands down. Don’t settle for less.


Save time, increase accuracy, track sales. SpecQuote securely transfers your uploaded project data from SpecPath into AQ, freeing you up to do more important things.

AQ Insight for Reps

Track and measure your AQ quoting activity easily with a modern, intuitive data platform that also provides a faster way to share real-time data with your manufacturers, keeping everyone up to date.

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