With TENADO PROTECT you can master even demanding projects in organizational fire protection precisely and quickly: it is not for nothing that we have received awards for our software. Plan any fire protection documentation with ease, even without CAD experience.

From the escape and rescue plan to fire protection plans to a plan for the supply of extinguishing water – everything is easy to create with TENADO PROTECT. See for yourself: The video gives you a good overview of our fire protection software.

Plan whatever you want!

Plan templates are the foundation of our fire protection software. You will find all the relevant plan templates in the program, from the fire protection regulations to escape and rescue plans, fire brigade routes to room plans. You can also use the work aid to create protection zones with ease: determine the radius with one click or create the protection zone as an arc straight away.

All symbols in one program

No matter how you twist and turn your plan: Your symbols always remain in the correct position and display size as required by the standard. Whether DIN EN ISO 7010 or Swiss symbols, DIN 14034-6:2016-4 or TRVB 0 121 – all symbols for fire protection planning are included and clearly arranged. TENADO PROTECT also includes a large number of symbols for planning barrier-free work areas as well as special escape signs. All relevant protection and hygiene symbols, e.g. B. for dealing with pandemics, are also available. Old symbols are exchanged with just one click. No matter what comes, with TENADO PROTECT you are on the safe side in the long term.