Work safely, whether you are a beginner or a professional!

Master even demanding work safety projects with ease. With TENADO SAFETY, you can flexibly plan exactly what you need to ensure occupational safety and health.

Create alarm plans and operating instructions, create escape and rescue plans and plan seating for events. In our video we show you what TENADO SAFETY can do. See for yourself.

The basis for your planning

Practical templates make your work easier and ensure that you save a lot of time. From alarm plans to fire protection regulations, TENADO SAFETY provides you with a large number of important plan templates.

We provide the base, all you have to do is insert. For the optimal escape and rescue plan, drag your plan section into the appropriate template and edit it accordingly. In this way, you can implement the most important plans in the shortest possible time in accordance with standards and professionally. You can also create individual plans quickly and easily with TENADO SAFETY.

Symbols that think

Nothing works without them: In our extensive libraries you will find all the symbols you need to plan quickly and in accordance with standards. Included are e.g. B. all symbols of DIN ISO 7010: from fire protection signs to warning signs, mandatory signs to hazardous substances signs. You will also find all relevant protection and hygiene symbols at TENADO SAFETY, for example for dealing with pandemics. Rotate and turn your plan as you wish – the symbols always remain in the correct position and conform to the standards. The library is always up to date thanks to regular updates and upgrades.