From intelligent functions to up-to-date templates – TENADO TRAFFIC is your software for all traffic planning requirements.

TENADO TRAFFIC The CAD Software for Transportation
  • The parts catalog for TENADO CAD software
  • Working with aerial photos
  • Setting signs flexibly
  • Check, load and procure

Speed ​​for your projects!

Fast installation
You can easily install TENADO TRAFFIC yourself. You can start right away, because the software for traffic management is already complete. You do not need any additional modules for plan types and no separate drawing software.
Intuitive operation
Professional and easy to use: That is TENADO TRAFFIC. Thanks to the intuitive operation, you will find your way around immediately – whether you are a beginner or a professional. You are quickly familiarized with it, save your training budget and immediately receive results that are impressive.

Working with aerial photos Without detours

Use any image material for your planning. Mount RUB-compliant diversion signs directly onto photos or draw routes on an aerial photograph. It’s child’s play with TENADO TRAFFIC: All relevant interfaces for import and export are already there.

Import the map section and simply draw in the detour. Set width, color, opacity and other parameters. Signs and barriers are positioned in a flash. Tip: Draw the path on its own layer. You can toggle it on and off with a click. Print it out, create a loading list and go directly to the next detour.

Setting signs flexibly Current symbols

In TENADO TRAFFIC you will find all the symbols you need for your everyday traffic planning. Changes are regularly incorporated into our updates and upgrades. In this way, you are always up to date. Our traffic management software automatically exchanges older traffic sign numbers with the newer ones.

You save a lot of time!

Evaluate quickly Check, load and procure

Whenever you want to evaluate your traffic planning, TENADO TRAFFIC presents you with all the essential data at the push of a button. You can see immediately how many liters of paint you need for markings or the number of beacons required.

You can easily reconcile the bill afterwards. This saves you a lot of time and you have everything under control, in black and white.

The parts catalog for TENADO CAD software

With our integrated component catalogue, you have immediate access to thousands of standard and purchase elements from over 800 manufacturer-certified product catalogues. Simply open your ADD ON in TENADO TRAFFIC and search for your desired part in the catalogue. Then select a symbol or object and add it to your plan with just a few clicks. Of course, TENADO PARTS is constantly updated and is therefore up to date.