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Tools built for the way you sell.

As a manufacturer, distributor or packager of mechanical equipment like pumps, valves, compressors, motors, heat exchangers, and more, thousands of dollars in hard assets and the incalculable value of your reputation hinge on your ability to select the optimal product for the specific Conditions of Service (COS).

Our Intelliquip Selector is tightly integrated to our Configurator, Pricing, and Quoting (SCPQ) solutions to ensure fast, accurate product selection and quoting so you can be the first to the customer with a quote or proposal.

Why You Need to Choose the Right CPQ Solution

Streamline the selection process.

The Intelliquip Selector was created to address the specific requirements of mechanical equipment manufacturers, distributors and the customers they serve. Sellers and end users use our software’s guided self-service capabilities by entering their conditions of service and selecting the recommended optimal products among the thousands of possibilities.

It’s selection made easy, complete with performance curves, detailed data sheets, and recommended solutions based on efficiency, sizing and more.

Easily manage thousands of product configuration rules and relationships.

Our Configuration, Pricing and Quoting capabilities are tightly integrated to the Selector, ensuring fast and accurate quote generation across the lead-to-order process. Users can add detailed construction datasheets, general arrangement drawings and final proposal documents with a single click, giving customers the most thorough, responsive and timely quotes and proposals – the kind that win more business.

What Makes a Full-Service CPQ Solution

Quote faster, more efficiently and more profitably.

The Project and Quote Management Portal replaces disconnected, manual tools like spreadsheets with a centralized portal where sellers, distribution partners, solution engineers and others can save prior product selections, configurations, and completed proposals – it is your secure and permission-protected hub for rich selection, configuration, pricing quoting and business intelligence.

Better forecasting with business intelligence.

Our Business Intelligence solution is integrated directly to the Intelliquip Selling Cloud. By connecting business intelligence to the process of selecting, configuring, pricing, quoting and ordering, you have the business reporting at your fingertips to know exactly what products or product combinations are being sold, forecast future sales, track your sellers’ activities, and identify trends in your customer’s behaviors and even recurring market trends.

The Top 4 Most Common CPQ Misconceptions


It was clear they knew our industry and our business. In the first demo they showed us, it was clear they had something that could help us.”
VP of Sales,
Pump Manufacturer

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