V19.1 is now available for download!

The PIPE-FLO team is excited to share v19.1

Key Highlights
  • Layer Functionality
    • Easily setup Layers and apply them to pipes, devices, and annotations
      • Create, edit, and move Layers within one dialog
    • Communicate effectively by adjusting Layer opacity to help highlight project specifics
    • Tag devices or areas that are validated, ready for review, or need more information
      • Makes team collaboration easier
      • Track project status
      • Ensure no areas are missed or forgotten
    • Group edit and assign devices to Layers
      • Easily utilize Layer functionality on older models
      • Quick setup and easy to use
    • See all devices associated with a Layer in the editor
      • Find tagged devices
      • Helps keep model organized
  • Additional Annotations
    • Additional shapes including
      • Arrow
      • Polygon
      • Star
      • Line
    • Adjust shape properties including
      • Color
      • Outline width
      • Fill style and color

FLO-Master Academy

Want to get the most out of PIPE-FLO? Check out our FLO-Master Academy courses here for our full portfolio of training options. Whether you are a seasoned user or just starting out, there are classes available to help grow and apply your PIPE-FLO skillset.