Digital Twin Thought Leadership

FLUID INTELLIGENCE is for anyone whose business relies on a fluid processing environment or the process system integration specialists who help prepare them for a digital future. It’s for anyone looking to make significant progress in their Sustainability initiative or just looking to wring out more efficiency to make their quarterly numbers.

Fluid processing environments carry more than fluids. They carry game-changing intelligence—intelligence for capturing significant, unrealized value through the implementation of a Digital Twin to simulate and optimize your fluid processing environments.

Whether you had them designed and built yourselves, or inherited them from a previous regime, merger or acquisition, these environments are almost indescribably valuable: they’re business critical to your manufacturing processes, they cost a ton to build, operate and replace, and they’re expensive (in terms of capital costs and lost productivity) to repair. And if history is any guide, they are notoriously inefficient in its energy use.

Why this book matters to you.

1. The operating performance of fluids processing systems impacts your P&L.

Maximum uptime is essential to productivity. Their long lifetimes, and the sheer cost of building or replacing them. Plus, they’re huge energy consumers. Underperforming or overbuilt fluids systems waste energy and run up costs; do you really know if they’re operating efficiently?

2. Advanced analytical tools that model the current and future performance of your systems are here now.

You can begin, or enhance, your digital transformation journey. Predictive analytics alert your teams to looming problems, continuously optimize productivity, dynamically manage capacity, model scenarios for process changes, and more. Do you use fluid systems models in the operations and maintenance phases of your assets’ lifecycles?

3. Your systems models are strategic management tools

Many fluids processing systems are managed by spreadsheets — causing risk, inefficiency, and missed opportunities. But with the Digital Twin and predictive analytics, you get the optics you need: 20/20 vision into operations. You make better decisions more quickly. Are your systems managed like the strategic assets they are?

About The Author

Engineer, mentor, entrepreneur, innovator, Ray has dedicated himself to a career in pathfinding fluid systems modeling and technologies since the advent of modern computing. Ray (and his partner, Carolyn Popp) created breakthrough solutions like PIPE-FLO. He’s founded engineering training schools, led courses, and written many books and countless contributions to technical literature.