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For more than 20 years we help companies with our standard CPQ Software to grow whilst reducing costs and improving quality

Sofon provides software-based Quote-to-Cash and CPQ solutions for companies with customer specific products and services.

Sofon helps these companies to achieve growth, cost reduction and quality improvement:
We make complex sales processes of companies repeatable and scalable. This ensures standardization, guaranteed, consistent quality and the ability to do much more with the same capacity. Sofon aims to ensure that its customers make the broadest and deepest possible use of its solutions in their organization, so that they get the maximum return from Sofon.

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Quoting and contracting

Guided selling

Solution definition

Sales management

Order management

Product management

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Sofon's guided selling simplifies, accelerates and improves the sales process of customer specific products or services. It helps sales employees to easily and quickly translate customer needs and requirements into professional quotations and orders. It helps potential buyers of products or services to choose the product best fulfilling their needs and to guide the buyer to a buying decision. With Sofon Guided Selling software you can achieve this.

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