Powertrak 2D Product Configurator

Powertrak streamlines the quote-to-order process and accelerates the conversion of sales opportunities into revenue by providing a comprehensive, web-based visual ordering system.

Manufacturers leverage visual configurators to boost how they sell and market configurable products. This solution enables consumers to see and learn each product’s top features and competitive differences.

The visual, drag-and-drop product configurator also empowers users to browse through a digital catalog and customize products with step-by-step guidance (novice users) or on their own (experts).

Built-in intelligence ensures components are compatible and fit correctly. Alerts and recommendations are in place for users to quickly and efficiently select the right products and accessories.

How a 2D Product Configurator Adds Value for All

The Value for Your Sales Team

Your sales reps have a demanding workload. From managing customer accounts and building relationships to delivering timely and accurate quotes, their work requires time, effort and focus to ensure that customers and company goals are supported.

With Powertrak 2D Product Configurator, sales reps have a dynamic tool at their fingertips. Some of the major benefits include:

Greater flexibility and accessibility

As a cloud-based CPQ software tool, the Powertrak 2D product configurator can be placed on your website or behind a web portal, making it accessible anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device—and with no thick apps to download.

Enhanced ability to upsell and cross-sell

Our 2D product configurator is powered by an advanced CPQ software rules engine, which houses all products and accessories in one place. This coupled with the eye-catching and easy to use drag-and-drop feature, allows sales reps to automatically suggest and show potential add-ons—delighting customers and enabling easier upsells.

Detailed insights and analytics

The 2D product configurator captures user information as they interact with your products, options and accessories, arming your sales reps with insights on customer preferences and purchases.

The Value for Your Customers

Your customers and prospects are looking to create a customized product that meets their needs. And in today’s digital world, they expect easy, fast service and want to know exactly what they’re getting.

The Powertrak 2D Product Configurator provides real-time product visualization and speeds customers’ demand. Some of the major benefits include:

Real-time product rendering

Our 2D product configurator creates interactive, visual renderings, which allows customers to visualize the product in real-time.

Custom designs

All products and accessories are housed in one location. Users have a complete toolset to visualize the product, configure, quote, and order.

Seamless buying experience

With the intuitive, easy drag-and-drop feature, your customers won’t hesitate to finalize the sale with the confidence of knowing exactly what they will be getting.

Real-time interaction

The shopping cart and product model instantly updates as new items are added or removed.

The Bottom Line

When you enable your sales reps to provide better customer experience, everybody wins—especially your bottom line. The 2D product configurator can lead to:

Increased sales

Visually building products in real-time, enhancing quoting accuracy and speeding up the quoting process itself, means sales reps can spend less time reworking quotes and more time working with customers.

Better customer retention

When customers can visually create their perfect product, brand loyalty is likely to get a nice boost.

Happier sales reps

Armed with a helpful product configurator tool and CPQ software, your sales reps can feel more confident and better equipped to do their best work.

Provide Engaging Consumer Experiences

No Plugins, No Flash, No Installation.
Engage customers with a fully interactive 2D experience of your product(s).
Learn more about how Powertrak 2D Product Configurator boosts sales and creates an easy user experience for customers, partners, and your sales team. Take a peek at our product demos page to see Powertrak software in action.

Product Information

2D product configurators are a great tool for manufacturers that sell make-to-order products. Its user-friendly interface helps ease the software learning curve for customers and partners.

Some industries that benefit from using 2D product configurator software are:
Automotive, Boats, Aviation, Engineering, Conveyors, Furniture, Heavy Machinery, Home Builders, Medical Equipment (Dental, Surgery), Playgrounds, Car Wash, AV Racks, Strength Equipment, and more.

  • Fully interactive drag-and-drop interface
    • BUILD-IT, BUY-IT ™
    • Don’t just visualize the product, configure it through the visualization
  • Browse available components through a collapsible category structure, configurable by admins
  • Configurator constructs the BOM as parts are dropped into the configuration
  • Attachment Point Ruleset
    • Limits where components can be placed
    • Highlights appropriate areas where parts can be dropped into the configuration
    • Snap-to-connection feature automatically shows the closest available place to drop a product
    • Shows a preview of exactly where that part is going to go when dropped
  • Move components between valid locations even after they’ve been initially placed
  • Collision detection automatically prevents two items going into the same space
  • Select components in the configuration to see information about them in the sidebar
    • Access advanced controls for visibility and subcomponents
  • Multiple viewing angles supported (and definable by admins)
  • Zoom controls
  • Expert Mode empowers users to configure a product solely using the product browser list and interacting with the visualization
    • It skips guided selling for expert users who know what they’re doing
  • Fully browser based and tablet friendly (low footprint)
  • Integration into the existing Powertrak shopping cart experience for easy quote creation
  • Integration into Powertrak’s existing guided selling functionality

Am I a good fit for Powertrak 2D Product Configurator?
Ideal 2D Configurator candidates are (but not limited to): 1.) Manufacturers that deal in make-to-order products composed of existing parts. 2.) Want to provide a simple, intuitive ordering experience for customers and partners. 3.) Want to reduce training and knowledge burden on users. 4.) Organizations that have the capability to produce or acquire art and product data to drive the configuration experience.

Who is not a good fit?
Less than Ideal 2D Configurator candidates are: 1.) Organizations with engineer-to-order process flows, inventing new parts during the sales process. 2.) Organizations that deem DriveWorks or other collaborative CAD solutions appropriate for its audience. 3.) Organizations that do not have artwork or no means to obtain source materials to be used to create art.

What are the product data requirements?
Organizations are required to provide product master and pricing, full dimensional data (height, width, depth) on all products, and information about how products attach to each other (again with dimensions).

For example – The server rack has an area 19″ wide and 77″ tall where rackmount components are bolted, divided into 44 – 1.75″ slots, starting 3″ down, 1.5″ in, and 1″ deep from the top left of the front product face. In addition, authoring tools (Visual Attachment Point Editor) reduce but do not necessarily eliminate this need.

What are the 2D art requirements?
Identify what viewing angles are needed (front, rear, right, left, top, bottom). *Note: Choose the most important angles needed. Not all angles are needed to be implemented!

For each product visually represented, we need:

  • An image for each viewing angle (PNG format preferred)
  • A 2D CAD drawing in .DWG or .PNG format for each viewing angle
  • All images and CAD drawings need to be at the same scale

How can I get art assets for this project?

Start with whatever you currently have

  • Manufacturing-quality CAD models
  • Sales and marketing assets

Produce in-house

  • Internal staff produces 2D renderings Use tools to refine what you have.
  • Simplygon or PolyTrans can reduce manufacturing models down to the level required for 2D Unity.


  • Use a 3rd party to produce model/images. AutoDesk or Orchid3D will take Pro/E or Solidworks drawings and produce unity models.

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