Powertrak AR Product Configurator

The Ultimate Product Placement and Spatial Recognition Experience

Extend Visual Product Configurations to Augmented Reality
Visualize and validate product designs and placement in real-world environments.

Powertrak Augmented Reality Features

The Powertrak AR app delivers more than a superimposed 3D object overlay experience. It changes how businesses communicate and sell configurable products. With Powertrak, consumers have the tools to configure, price, save, and quote the design.

From a mobile smartphone or tablet device, customize products and design spaces by interactively placing and positioning virtual product models into the actual environment.

Visualize how the product looks and fits before committing to buy. Quickly monitor product pricing with our real-time shopping cart to determine if the budget has been met or exceeded. Save one or many design layouts, send to other decision-makers, and generate a quote.

3D CPQ Includes AR + VR

The Powertrak suite delivers an end-to-end product configuration, quoting, ordering, and VR/AR validation experience.

Drag-and-Drop Technology

Interactive toolset enables users to 'virtually' see, place and arrange true-to-scale 3D product models in the actual setting.

Real-time Shopping Cart

Prices are calculated live during the AR configuration experience. Users can save the design, assign to a project, and create a quote.

Design on Your Time

Make better, more informed, and faster-buying decisions by experiencing the layout design on your own time - prior to ordering. Designs created in AR can be accessed and modified in Powertrak 3D CPQ and VR.

Unique AR Features

Smart features include placement of objects that mount to the floor or ceiling, and attachment to other objects. Users have full control over rotation, joints, sliding, and other special abilities.

Text or Email Designs

Save designs to your device and quickly share via email or text with colleagues and key decision-makers.

Augmented Reality Configuration on Tablets and Smartphones

Visualize how a new purchase will actually fit and appear in a designated space on your smartphone or tablet.

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