Powertrak Guided Selling Software

Oftentimes, customers don’t know what they want until they find it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what your customers wanted at the same time they did?

That’s where guided selling software can help.

Guided selling can help you get the answers you need in real-time to give your customers exactly what they want at the right price—without second-guessing your product recommendations or quotes.

Powertrak Guided Selling, an add-on feature in our Powertrak Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) suite, guides your customers through the ordering process using a behavior-driven, dynamic questionnaire format.

Using customer answers, your sales reps are equipped to suggest products or accessories and generate quotes that immediately fit customer needs.

Powertrak CPQ with guided selling software means your company can optimize sales performance with confidence through increased sales accuracy, effectiveness, and even deal size.

How Guided Selling Optimizes Sales Performance

Where Guided Selling Fits into Powertrak CPQ Software

Powertrak CPQ software is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution designed to streamline the quote-to-order process and enhance the customer buying experience. Add guided selling to your CPQ software implementation to ensure you’re satisfying customer needs and improving the efficiency of your sales teams.

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