The Virtual Reality Mobile Showroom

Take your entire product catalog with you anywhere in the world!

Powertrak VRoom delivers an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience for businesses showcasing configurable products and environments at trade shows, conferences, and experience centers.

VRoom increases trade show ROI because it’s the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to building, shipping, and presenting hundreds of tangible products on the go.

Compared to Powertrak VR Product Configurator, VRoom delivers the same virtual reality experience but without the quoting, ordering, and product configuration integration.

This rapid start offering is a repeatable and affordable way to establish a strong emotional, connected sales experience with your target audience and leaves an impactful, memorable impression.

Visualize, interact, and explore three-dimensional products in virtual reality environments with Powertrak VRoom.

A VR/AR experience or product demonstration achieves interactive brand engagement and makes this experience PORTABLE and REPRODUCIBLE at a nominal COST — objectives difficult to achieve with physical prototypes.”

Ted Spies, Gateway Exhibit Services

Immersive virtual reality transforms conversations with potential customers.

Virtual Reality Design Validation Value

Visual Storytelling

Invite your audience to visualize, explore, and operate 3D product models in virtual reality environments using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift gear.

Interactive Experience

Repeatedly bring your entire product catalog with you everywhere you go, at a fraction of the cost of transporting and displaying physical products.

Cost Savings on Drayage

Save thousands of dollars on drayage- shipping, installation, dismantle charges. Reduce costly labor fees to dramatically increase ROI at trade shows.

Steam VR Compatible Headsets

Powertrak VRoom is a highly effective sales, marketing, and educational platform. Display it in dealerships/flagships, pop-up shops, conference rooms, experience centers, and trade show booths.

The HTC Vive or Oculus Rift gear helps consumers virtually engage with your product(s) and better understand the benefits it brings to the marketplace. Contact us on how to get started.

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