Quote Faster, Sell Smarter and Accelerate Growth with eRep CPQ

eRep CPQ empowers manufacturers and distributors that need to simplify their complex quote-to-order processes with a modern cloud platform. eRep enables sales teams to accurately quote faster and sell smarter while accelerating growth with faster sales rep onboarding, enhanced business intelligence, and improved customer experience.
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Faster Quote Generation

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Improved Order Accuracy

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Increase in Sales

eRep makes it easier and faster to sell more, to manage sales channels better, to improve customer service and to deliver real-time data to managers.

Select the right products every time

Guided selling tools help you find the right product for your customer’s needs every time.

Configure and price any product

eRep’s rules-based configurations help sales reps accurately price complex products, accessories, and options

Create quotes & product documents

Create quotes up to 75% faster, then generate quote-specific product documents in seconds with our rules-driven document engine.

Forecasts & reports

Get actionable insights through eRep’s data visualization tools. Create, schedule and automate reports to drive better decision making across the organization.

Why clients love eRep

BCA Technologies, Inc. empowers companies with a need to simplify their quote-to-order processes using our eRep CPQ platform, an innovative sales software solution, that automates low-value tasks to free your sales team’s time to focus on high-value human interactions and strategies, enabling them to quote faster, sell smarter and accelerate growth.

Designed for scale

We work with teams of just a few and tens of tens of thousands to deliver enterprise-grade solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Reliable performance

Not just a software vendor, but industry experts with decades of success stories.

Increased profitability

eRep empowers clients to win more business and quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Fast results

Generate quotes, forecasts, reports, and ROI faster than ever before.

Built for how you work

With features developed over two decades based on feedback from our clients and users, eRep CPQ has developed the most intuitive, concise workflow of any CPQ on the market. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, and rep firms, eRep CPQ will help you decrease time spent developing quotes, improve order accuracy, and increases your sales.

eRep for Manufacturers

Quote Faster
Sell Smarter
Accelerate Growth
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eRep for Distributors

Quote Faster
Sell Smarter
Accelerate Growth
eRep Animated Explainer Videos

We play VERY well with others

We know you need your data to be accurate, updated, and readily available across your entire technology stack. That’s why eRep has an open API architecture designed for two-way data sync across ERP and other platforms. Here are just a few of the many integrations:

Companies large and small select eRep CPQ and BCA Technologies because we do things other companies cannot. Our extensive experience working with manufacturers, distributors and rep firms has helped us earn a reputation as trusted advisors to our clients with a mission to help them achieve success. We look forward to assisting you too.

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