Simplify the Multi-Channel Sales Process

For modern manufacturers with distributed sales channels, eRep optimizes productivity and delivers actionable, data-driven insights.

What is CPQ?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a software tool designed to help sales teams simplify clunky selling process by configuring complex products, ensuring accurate pricing, and generating quotes. CPQ platforms often work in conjunction with CRM and ERP systems, especially with manufacturers of make-to-order and engineer-to-order goods. CPQ software combines business rules, pricing rules, and product selection rules into a single repository to deliver real-time data to distributed sales teams. The combined functionality delivers high ROI potential, faster and more accurate sales quotes, fewer order mistakes, and improved sales rep productivity.

What is eRep CPQ?

eRep gives your sales channels the guided selling tools they need to quote faster and sell smarter. Complex products are a breeze for eRep, and you can ensures reps always quote the right items, options and accessories for your customer’s needs.

Combined with powerful data visualization tools, integrations with your current technology stack, and a secure, global framework, eRep can improve close rates and deliver an exceptional return on investment.

We’ve Got You Covered

Mobile Responsive Design

Access your information across all your devices without having to sacrifice performance or user experience. Start on one device and continue from another right where you left off.

Available Anywhere

eRep is designed for where and how you work. That means you need on-demand access to product and pricing data in your preferred language and across all currencies.

Global Access

Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud with over 50 regions and availability in over 140 countries, eRep offers global scalability for our clients. Combined with support for multiple languages and currencies, eRep enhances collaboration across your sales channels and delivers reliable performance across the globe.

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Real-Time Collaboration with All Sales Channels

Whether you work with a small internal sales team or an international consortium of distributors and dealers, eRep delivers a single-source-of-truth for up-to-date customer data.

Channel Partner Portal

Encourage your distributors, dealers, and independent manufacturer rep firms to present your products more often by making the sales process simpler.

Consulting Engineer Portal

Give consulting engineers a platform to select the correct product to present during the design phase of their projects. This can increase your close rates by 70%.

Forecasts Simplified

Sales Leadership Forecasts

Eliminate manual forecast reports and save time by having immediate insights into the quoting activities of your distributed sales channels.

Operations Insights

Make better plans for production and material control by having a clear insight into your future orders rather than reacting to each order as it comes in.

Marketing Research Reports

Gather data about product demand, price point and discount incentives, and channel-specific customer buying patterns to assist in supporting your sales teams.

Enhance Your CPQ with Powerful Add-Ons

More than a traditional CPQ, eRep offers an open framework designed to help you get exactly what you need from the platform.

B2B Parts eCommerce

Empower your customers to place orders directly for parts and give them options to pay with cards, ACH, or purchase orders.

Native CRM

Connect with your current CRM or use eRep’s native CRM to maintain relevant customer data all in one place.

Custom Plugins

Our professional services team can work with you to design specific modules such as engineering selections, pressure drop calculators, and more.

No Certifications Required
eRep is Easy to Administer

With Quickstart Assistance from the professional services team, you can take control of your products like never before. Even better, you won’t have to take classes or pay for a certification to feel like an expert.

Manage Users

Give users access only to the information they need. Control access to specific modules and key fields such as pricing or incentives. Scale workflows, approval processes, and reporting based on organizational hierarchies. Foster collaboration between project engineers and third-party sales teams with ease.


No coding skills required here. Make pricing, incentive, and single product updates through the intuitive graphic interface or upload bulk changes through a CSV. Keep your field sales teams up to date with accurate pricing and never again have to accept outdated orders or pricing proposals.


Design beautiful custom reports from the data visualization stuido to help you understand and act on your data. Build them once and schedule them for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery. Plus, you’ll get everyone on the same page with your reports as they’ll roll up data based on the orgainzational hierarchy.

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Build, Design and Deploy with eRep Studios

Like any software, you’ll want to customize the platform to the specific needs of your business. eRep makes it easy with back-end studios to help you create the configurations, pricing calculations, quotes, proposals, workflows, API connections, and data visualizations you need.

Pricing Studio

Create pricing rules for complex configurable product models, options and accessories by importing your existing part numbers, items, prices, costs and more from your MRP or ERP system. Then, create rules to help your sales teams mistake-proof the ordering process and protect your margins by eliminating rogue discounts.

Quote and Order Submittal Studio

Generate stunning quotes and proposals in a snap with accurate customer discounts, freight and other charges. Design sales and technical literature customized to the quote’s products, options, and accessories in just a couple of clicks.

Workflow Studio

Make special pricing and engineering approvals easy to eliminate the bottlenecks and ensure accuracy with automated workflows. Further enhance your workflows by leveraging the eRep API to connecting to your ERP/MRP, CRM or Marketing Automation platform to achieve a seamless brand experience for your customers.

Make Product Changes with Ease

Bridge the gap between your engineers and sales teams to enforce product updates, new accessories or product changes.

Add New Product Lines

Minimize new product adoption by sales channels by reducing confusion and prompting the team when your new products would be the right fit.

Customize and Select Accessories

Don’t leave money on the table. Help your sales channels customize the right options and accessories for each product model on their line card.

Improve Customer Service

Achieve a true 360° view of your customers with access to all quotes, orders, and activity touch points all in one place.

eRep – The Partner You Can Rely On

We’re here to help as much or as little as you like. The eRep Professional Services Team can assist with implementations, integrations, custom software development and provide ongoing support. You can choose a Do-It-With-Me or Do-It-For-Me approach and count on our team to deliver on time and on budget.

Quick-Start Implementation

To get you started, the Professional Services team will implement one of your product lines.

Turn-Key Implementation

Low on resources? We offer full implementation from your product data and pricing rules.

Ongoing Support

You’ll have peace of mind when you’re backed by a team of eRep experts ready when you need them.

Custom Development

We’re problem solvers at heart. If you’ve got an issue that needs a custom solution, let’s talk.

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