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eRep simplifies selecting options and accessories to get accurate pricing, eliminating errors, with rep-friendly features

Make it Easier, and they will Sell More

eRep pricing screen was designed with salespeople in mind, with over 20 years of feedback from sales teams and channels just like yours. Unlike other CPQ’s, pricing is done on-the-fly while options are being selected, giving the salesperson instant feedback on choices, prices, and option dependencies.

Data-Driven Pricing

You change the configuration or pricing data in the Configurator, and the pricing screen updates instantly. Test, then push to production for instant price and product changes to your sales channels.

Optimized for Speed

Get quick pricing instantly with auto defaults as options are selected by user. See what-if pricing on a option by option basis.

Eliminate Mistakes

Ensure accurate pricing and option selections to keep salespeople from making costly mistakes.

Pricing Tour

eRep can price anything from the simple to the most complex products and equipment. See a quick example of how to price a configurable product.

Option inputs can be dropdowns, radio, checkboxes, multi-check, alphanumeric input, and dimensions.

Why Choose eRep CPQ?

eRep is the complete and affordable sales solution for your internal and external sales channels to dramatically grow sales while helping the entire organization be more efficient, organized and accurate.

eRep can leverage your existing price books, spreadsheets, and ERP data into a complete, modern solution saving time and frustration for everyone from your customers to order entry to the board room.

Configuring a Product

Configuring a product in eRep is straightforward and intuitive in our no-code editor. Add your product, attributes, and options with ease. With multiple types of inputs, including radio buttons, drop-down lists, multi-select checkboxes, alphanumeric inputs, and images, you’ll be able to quickly help your users configure the exact product needed for their customer.

Even better, dynamic configuration and pricing rules run in real-time, so no need to input your selections and hit the “Save” button, only to find your configuration is not valid.

Pricing Made Easy

Salespeople love how eRep’s pricing page makes it fast and easy to get a quick price, then go back and modify as the customer makes changes.

Product Configuration Engine – How it Works

Unlike other CPQs, eRep’s validation rules run in real-time. That means your team gets instant feedback on your products rather than going all the way through the quote process before finding out there’s an error. Your sales reps will love it.


Import your rules criteria or work with the eRep team to review and create guidelines that turn your current business practices into repeatable, teachable and transferable processes.


Once reps find the right products, options and accessories, protect your margins by creating approval bands and prevent rogue discounting.


Turn your configured item list into a customer-friendly quote in seconds. Just in case customers don’t buy at first, you can copy, modify, or create revisions as needed.

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