Select the Correct Product.
Every Time.

For some products, engineering selection is required to select the right product with the right performance. Now sales teams can select, price, and quote in one integrated solution with eRep’s engineering selection module.

Selection Engine Tour

See an example of how selecting complex HVAC equipment is made easy using eRep.

Behind the scenes are heat transfer, fan curve, motor, pressure drop, noise, and electrical calculations to meet code requirements. No matter how complex you think it is, we can deliver it online.


Many of our manufacturer customers used to do all the engineering selections in-house at a tremendous labor expense. They thought their process was too complex for the sales teams. Now, they dominate their markets.

Why Choose eRep CPQ?

eRep is the complete and affordable sales solution for your internal and external sales channels to dramatically grow sales while helping the entire organization be more efficient, organized and accurate.

eRep can leverage your existing price books, spreadsheets, and ERP data into a complete, modern solution saving time and frustration for everyone from your customers to order entry to the board room.

Engineering Selection – How it Works

Don’t leave your product selection up to an untrained sales rep. Get the right product for the design conditions the first time, every time.


Other CPQ companies will give you a implementor. We have experienced mechanical and industrial engineers with masters degrees who will be working with your engineering team. You will be amazed at the value we bring.


You show us your selection processes, spreadsheets, software, and tools you have for your different products. Then we leverage what you have into a modern, user-friendly web application.


We have mechanical, electrical, lighting, HVAC, heat transfer coils, sound, ROI, economic and optimization DLL tools that we can leverage to get you a robust solution.

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