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Pipe Flow
Energy Audit

Your piping systems are a major asset for your company’s operation. While these systems are expensive to build, they are even more expensive to operate and maintain.

Energy audits provide a number of benefits

Before you start your energy audit…

You Need a Few Pieces Of Information About Your Piping System:
Having access to this equipment information provides you the data and specifications you need to properly calculate your pipe flow.

Note: This calculator uses the Hazen-Williams equation, an equation made to determine the gravity flow of water — specifically at 40-75℉. This equation is meant only for water and will produce inaccurate results if used to measure other fluids.

Pipe Flow Calculator

Want to discuss your energy audit with an expert, plus learn how to standardize your pipe flow analysis for accuracy and efficiency?

How to Improve Your Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Using PIPE-FLO is the easiest way for your team to identify potential inefficiencies and get the answers you need. With PIPE-FLO, these calculations are done for you during the building, maintenance, and operation phases of your fluid processing system.
Once you’ve identified your system’s inefficiencies, there are a number of ways to improve it. These include:
If you want to discover your system’s potential maximum efficiency, talk to one of our experts and see how PIPE-FLO can benefit your operation.