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Go from Quote to Kitchen Faster with the Industry’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

Say goodbye to paper catalogs, and hello to the industry’s most comprehensive product database. If you’re a dealer, rep or foodservice consultant and you’re ready to quickly configure, price, and quote from nearly 1 million products, AQ CPQ is about to become your best friend. If you are a manufacturer, our database gets your products onto quotes quickly and efficiently. Everyone wins.

The most accurate and comprehensive database, by far

AQ CPQ provides over a hundred data fields for every one of our nearly 1 million SKUs. From product descriptions, to pricing, to spec sheets, to warranty information and CAD and Revit content, our team of content experts curates every single product so you never miss a beat.

Customizing has never been so easy

AQ’s advanced configuration capabilities allow you to modify and accessorize the most complex of equipment to build quotes that include the customization your customers need.

Never lose sight of an order

AQ OrderStatus gives you unprecedented ability to track orders and shipments, all within the AQ environment. Hundreds of manufacturers provide AQ with real-time data, keeping you up to date on your order without having to send another email or pick up the phone.

Stop for coffee and nothing else!

Business stops at nothing. Download the AQ GO app to quickly access AQ Listing and our nearly 1 million SKUs anywhere, anytime.

Let Nothing Slow Your Financial Journey

Discover frictionless transactions and flexible payment methods for all your business needs. Explore AQ Pay.

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Say goodbye to traditional quoting processes. AQ does all the hard work so that you can quickly and easily configure, price and quote from nearly 1,000,000 pieces of equipment, supplies and accessories from more than 800 manufacturers.

Supports Mac integration via Parallels. Learn more

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