AQ Insight Pro

Giving manufacturers the data and analytics you need to sell more

Discover Your Data and Uncover Sales Patterns with AQ Insight Pro

AQ Insight is a new analytics platform for manufacturers that gives you the visibility you need to understand your company’s positioning and quoting activity on AQ. Ready to dive deeper? Access to AQ Insight Pro is now available.

Visualize your quoting activityWith an easy-to-use interface, manufacturers can view key AQ data quickly, like the number of listed products by region and how many products have been added to AQ projects and quotes – today, yesterday, last month, or even last year. AQ Insight PRO provides a level of transparency into your footprint and activity on the platform so you can visualize the impact of AQ on your business.
See where your most active customers areAn interactive map gives you an immediate visual of your global sales, allowing you to pinpoint the regions where you have engaged customers. You can quickly identify areas of opportunity where you can benefit from the direction of sales and marketing resources.
Use your data to identify trends Customize a date range on AQ Insight Pro to monitor trends like project-to-quote conversion rates, and better understand the outcomes of the quoting activity for your products on AQ.

Request Rep Data with AQ Insight Pro

With a subscription to AQ Insight Pro, you can request access to your rep’s data through the Insight Pro dashboard to track real-time quoting activity on your products and streamline the reporting process with your reps.

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