AQ Visual

From design to delivery, visual configuration technology provides a next-level customer experience

Embrace a Digital Selling Strategy to Drive Faster Sales

Visual configurations provide your customers with the modern buying experience they have been waiting for. AQ Visual contains built-in tools that simplify your efforts to communicate the value of each product you manufacture to your customers while demonstrating how the space layout improves workflow, productivity, safety, and versatility for optimized kitchen operations.

Enhance productivity and collaborationOur software saves you time and re-work by removing the guesswork from the configuration process and allows the operator to quickly and easily compare product attributes in one place.
Provide immersive buying experiences for your customersDeliver a dynamic and engaging customer buying experience using 3D, AR, & VR configurations through AQ Visual and bring your ideas to life. With this technology, your team can establish brand loyalty and nurture relationships with happy customers for years to come.
Ensure accuracy on product ordersEliminate costly order mistakes by enabling your customers to visualize the end result in their actual space. The life-like attributes of this solution will help buyers make appropriate purchasing decisions and boost positive customer experiences.
Access it all in one unified platformAdopting a new digitally-driven tool has never been easier. Configure, price, and quote all in one platform with seamless integration between AQ Visual and AQ CPQ, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

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