Service is one of the cornerstones of our business, and we are making significant investments to ensure you have an exceptional experience every time you engage with the Revalize team.

Customer Portal

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your ongoing point of contact and, much like an account manager, is responsible for ensuring that Revalize provides value to your business. They do this by working to understand your business and strategic objectives while being your voice inside Revalize. 

Services Billing

Your CSM connects you with Professional Services and Content Services talent as needed and works with you to identify and assign resources for your project or training. During active projects, your Professional Services or Content project manager is your main point of contact; your CSM will also routinely touch base to ensure your needs are being met. If you have questions or needs around Project Billing, please contact Services Billing by following the link below.

Global Customer Support

Whether it’s as simple as a forgotten password or as complicated as an unexpected bug in the code, the Global Customer Support team is ready to help triage any issues you might encounter. 

Accounting Inquiries

For questions about banking information, W-9 forms, and other financial topics, please use the following link to get in touch with our accounting team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to, click on the link to “Sign Up,” and enter the required information.  You’ll receive an automated email describing the next steps, including instructions to set your password and verify your email address.

Customers may self-register for portal access.

Yes, all relevant articles have been migrated to the new portal.

Your username is your email address. 
No. You must establish a new password for the Revalize Support portal.
The portal (Support Portal) has an automated process for registering and for recovering your username and establishing/updating your password. If you are still experiencing trouble, please email [email protected]
Yes. The Intelliquip Issue Tracker system is active and no changes were made to that system. 
Not yet, but the plan is to migrate those Intelliquip details into the Revalize portal soon.
No. This change does not affect how AutoQuotes content requests are provided to the Content Services Team for updates to your product catalog information. Those requests should continue to be sent to [email protected]
Revalize engaged external tax advisors to perform a nexus study to ensure that we are in compliance with sales and use taxes across all product offerings and the specific states in which we conduct business.  The results of this study determined that there were a number of states that had nexus over the sales of our software and services meaning that they have the right to tax revenues.  In order to ensure compliance to the state authorities, we will be including the applicable sales tax on all invoices going forward. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

active legacy brand portals

Pro.File provides solutions for process automation, product lifecycle, product data, and document management.

For more than 20 years, Sofon has provided premier software for proposal generation, product configuration, pricing, quotation, and order creation.

SpecPage is a recognized developer of innovative PLM and quality assurance solutions for recipe-based, process manufacturers.

TENADO is a leading provider of computer-aided design (CAD) software solutions for the metal and wood fabrication trades, mechanical engineering, fire protection and traffic management sectors.

Revalize Training

Certified Flo Master

Master PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO with FLO-Master Academy, the industry’s premier training certification platform for both software solutions.

AGi32 Training Classes

Experience the power of personalized and interactive learning with LAI’s courses, designed with smaller classes of 12-15 students for an immersive and engaging experience.


Unlock the full potential of PLAN-IT with our 10-module training series featuring a comprehensive demonstration of its latest features. Select from individual classes, group packages, and private sessions.


Revolutionize your productivity with our classes, specifically designed to help you master AutoQuotes and its suite of powerful products with ease.