KCL Acquisition Customer FAQs

KCL is the leading design offering for foodservice and equipment in North America and beyond. Solutions include:
  • BIM/CAD Designer: Search, view, and download CAD blocks and Revit families for designs.
  • KCL NapkinSketch: Design a room without running a CAD or Revit program. (Note: KCL is the only foodservice design solution that enables users to create dimensionally-correct kitchen layouts without running AutoCAD or Revit.)

Both solutions are available for desktop download with limited features available via web and mobile app.

Manufacturers can also publish content in KCL including CAD blocks, Revit families, spec sheets, product descriptions, images, videos, and other assets.

Learn more here: https://www.kclcad.com/
KCL enhances our AutoQuotes (AQ) solution with its robust design tools and integration capabilities—connecting FES designers and manufacturers in one streamlined solution with market-leading design tools, our powerful AQ catalog, and CPQ software.
  • AQ manufacturers will have the opportunity to make their design assets available in KCL so designers and other subscribers can use these in CAD, Revit, or the KCL NapkinSketch solution, to create kitchen layouts—ultimately reaching a larger network of foodservice professionals worldwide.
  • AQ subscribers will have the opportunity to utilize enhanced design solutions from KCL—including the ability to create layouts without AutoCAD or Revit.
AQ Designer requires CAD and Revit, whereas KCL includes NapkinSketch—giving designers and other subscribers the ability to create quick “sketch” layouts without AutoCAD or Revit. KCL also offers a product that works with AutoCAD LT in addition to full AutoCAD and AQ Designer.
KCL offers manufacturers embedded hosting, giving them the option to share spec sheets, CAD blocks, and Revit families directly on their website.
As of now, AQ Designer will remain unchanged, with future updates and product direction to come.
At this time, KCL and AutoQuotes remain separate solutions, with future updates and product direction to come.
At this time, both AQD and KCL remain standalone products. If you are interested in purchasing KCL, please visit the KCL website for more information.
AQ catalog updates should continue to be sent via email to [email protected]. Please continue to utilize the existing AQ data templates for catalog changes. 
We do not currently have plans to combine the catalogues for customers.  If product direction changes in the future, we will notify customers. 

How can I ask questions, provide feedback, and learn more about what this means for us?

For immediate questions, please contact us at [email protected].