Configurator And Pricing​

Quickly And Accurately Assemble, Price And Quote Complex Products And Packaged Solutions​

Deliver 100% accurate configured and engineered solutions.

Manufacturers and distributors of pumps, motors, compressors, valves and other types of mechanical equipment need to quickly and accurately assemble a complex product or package based upon thousands of rules, options and relationships.

Our Intelliquip Selling Cloud delivers the power to configure catalog products and the most complex engineered solutions and develop error-free datasheets, price sheets and drawings in seconds. All your teams benefit by making it available throughout your global sales channels, easily adapting to different languages, cultures and time zones.

Purpose-Built to meet your unique requirements.

While there are numerous configuration software tools available, only the Intelliquip Selling Cloud is purpose-built to meet the specific use cases and requirements of mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors.

The Configuration and Pricing Engine is tightly integrated to the Selector, ensuring fast and accurate quote generation across the lead-to-order process. Users can add detailed construction datasheets, general arrangement drawings and final proposal documents with a single click, giving customers the most thorough, responsive and timely quotes.

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Price and Configure complex solutions with confidence.

Backed by decades of experience serving manufacturers and distributors from around the world, the Intelliquip Selling Cloud is built specifically to power the selection and quotation of complex, configurable and engineered products. This includes OEMs, distributors and packagers of pumps, compressors, motors, valves, and much more.  
  1. Choose Product Options: Build a product solution from your entire list of options and accessories.
  2. Ensure Real Results: Dynamically test all options against a comprehensive set of rules and constraints. Eliminate errors and guarantee compatibility.
  3. Price Product: Instantly calculate pricing that reflects your complex rules, discounts and commissions. Translate the final cost into relevant currencies.
  4. Generate Key Documents: Automatically create branded price sheets, construction datasheets, bills of materials, general arrangement drawings – anything you need to best illustrate and support your quote.


Intelliquip had more engineering and pump industry expertise than any other software vendor. Some of their founding partners created the first automated pump selector I ever used. We valued their capabilities and track record. That knowledge shines through in their software.”

VP of Sales and Marketing,

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