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Why You Need to Think Vertically When It Comes to Product Data

High-quality data can’t help your business if it isn’t integrated with important systems. Here’s why you need to think vertically about FES data management.

Why You Need to Choose the Right CPQ Solution

When configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software entered the market in the ’90s, it changed manufacturing sales as we know it. Now, any company that isn’t using one of these platforms risks getting left behind in the digital transformation.

Why Saas PLM is Necessary For Remote Work

A decade ago, adopting SaaS seemed like a luxury. Today, we know SaaS solutions are integral to running any type of company — especially with hybrid work-from-home or fully remote operations.

Why Project Visibility Is So Critical to Successful Medical Equipment Planning

Give your operations and IT teams the tool they deserve. Discover the CPQ benefits for operations and IT here.

Why Omnichannel Commerce is the Future of Furniture Retail

To truly become omnichannel, you have to bring all of your points of service and advertising together. Then, you can build a strategy around the best way to move prospects through the buyer’s journey and improve the customer experience.

Why Manufacturers Need to Replace Excel With a Product Configurator

Contrary to the name, Excel is only good at one thing: organizing information. As a spreadsheet tool, it’s not ideal for anything other than creating a database and running basic calculations, yet too many manufacturers still rely on it as their product configurator.

Why Fluid Handling Equipment Manufacturers Need A CPQ Solution

Fluid handling equipment manufacturers face higher competition today than ever. Here’s how CPQ can give your company an edge.

Why Fluid Equipment Manufactures Need to Leave Homegrown Configurators Behind

If you’re still using spreadsheets, basic database systems, or in-house configurators to manage quotes, it could seem like more trouble than it’s worth to change a system that’s working. After all, your processes have been like this for years — and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Why Enhanced 3D Visualizations Are So Important to Manufacturing Sales

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software has transformed the way manufacturers sell custom products, changing catalogs from books into interactive, digital experiences. The technology has evolved to incorporate 2D and 3D rendering of products that update as customers select different configuration options.

Why Enforcing Medical Equipment Standards Is So Important — And So Challenging

Enforcing medical equipment standards can make or break a healthcare organization. Here’s why it’s so important.

Why CPQ Is So Important in the HVACR Industry

Give your operations and IT teams the tool they deserve. Discover the CPQ benefits for operations and IT here.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Digital Twins for Fluid Handling

Fluid handling systems are complex, expensive, and vital to everyday operations. Given the investment and effort it takes to run fluid handling systems, it only makes sense that you want to keep them operating as efficiently as possible. One way to maximize your system’s return on investment is with a digital twin.