Harness the power of digital innovation

SpecPage delivers a suite of advanced software products that are designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers. Our value-added framework includes transformative process solutions that provide comprehensive transparency and supply chain management for accelerated time to market, increased revenue, decreased production costs and improved global regulatory compliance.

Simplify product development

The food and beverage manufacturing industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year – and is poised for explosive growth as consumer demands for clean labels, traceability and sustainably sourced products continues to intensify.

To increase market share, organizations must operate at optimal capacity – that means quick-to-market reaction and employing best practices to streamline operations while embracing every opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage.

Organizations that employ traditional supply chain processes involving spreadsheets and antiquated change-cycle procedures simply cannot compete with food manufacturers who deploy SpecPage’s innovative process solutions.

Harnessing the power of the SpecPage suite of solutions will support and enhance recipe-based production from ideation, to research and development, inception, recipe integration, regulatory compliance, auditing, and reporting. Our PLM and compliance solutions include product information management (PIM). For GS1-GDSN connectivity, SpecPage provides the most comprehensive solution for global regulatory compliance, enabling recipe and specification standards for attributions, data quality, data sharing and synchronization compliance standards.

Innovate with SpecPage

Digital transformation leverages data and delivers tangible, measurable results


SpecPDM premier process solution leads the industry in functionality. It requires 90 percent less effort to implement and configure – and user training is simplified for increased revenue and a rapid return on your investment.


Accurate product information management empowers innovation. SpecPIM delivers a comprehensive, precise, real-time product data assessment to enrich master data management and provide a holistic view of product workflows.

Compliance Guide

Achieve food safety, accurate labeling, traceability and transparency throughout the global supply chain. The features-rich Compliance Guide supports rapid response to regulatory updates with Industry 4.0 integrated compliance solutions.

Supplier's Guide

The innovative Supplier’s Guide provides rapid access to essential specifications to reduce workload and increase data security. Save time, eliminate errors, create and capture workflow specifications with single-entry data processes.

Buyer's & Seller's Guide

Interconnected adaptable, seamless access for advanced go-to-market strategies that optimize data and enable digital transformation for Industry 4.0. Enhanced transparency, traceability, and improved product information for increased ROI.

GDSN Guide

On-demand access to accurate information for data confirmation enhanced global regulatory compliance, and nutritional standards via GDSN data pools. Publishing and validation of product data simplifies and accelerates new market product launch.

SAP® GTIN-Connector

GS1 compliant master data automatically delivered to GDSN certified data pools provides synchronization and mapping capabilities for data safety and accuracy. Integrated to identify and locate faulty data and product line mapping.

EHSA - Security Data Sheets

Features-rich network solution delivers a platform for essential hazardous materials related applications, functions, and classifications. Modular structure enhances integrated substance evaluation for restrictions, packaging and labeling.

Free Trial Access – Try before you buy

Simple, secure, responsive, customizable. SpecPage supplier’s Guide delivers comprehensive, cost effective product and food specifications management. Our free trial access demonstrates how Supplier’s Guide connects food manufacturers to suppliers with the click of a button, providing the foundation for increased data security, data accuracy and error elimination.