Product Lifecycle Management for
Food and Beverage

Manufacture faster with centralized documentation and data management, purpose built for the food and beverage industry.

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Product Lifecycle Management

PLM is the crucial differentiator to drive product and process innovations, improving efficiency and eliminating waste. SpecPage PLM optimizes data to deliver a strategic competitive advantage.

Product Data Management

SpecPDM premier process solution leads the industry in functionality. It requires 90 percent less effort to implement and configure – and user training is simplified for increased revenue and a rapid return on your investment.

Product Information Management

Comprehensive product information management integrates and coordinates product data across all communications channels . SpecPIM ensures accuracy and delivers consistent, up-to-date information to increase efficient productivity and streamline workflows from multiple sources, formats and communication channels.

Optimize your global supply chain

Wave goodbye to antiquated spreadsheets and outdated specification documents. SpecPage is the industry standard for product lifecycle management and product data management.

Product innovation

Innovation drives product development. PLM delivers strategic competitive advantages to increase profitability, speed time to market, improve efficiencies and eliminate waste for both product and project innovation.

Compliance advantage

SpecPDM eliminates compliance risks for global product distribution with an end-to-end digital transformation for Industry 4.0 – increase revenue, decrease costs and eradicate compliance and audit challenges.

Empower traceability

SpecPDM enables traceability, transparency and simplifies global regulatory requirements for formula-based production – from concept to marketplace. Every time a manufacturer scraps or reengineers a product or project, they lose money.

Meet compliance standards

Modern production demands an agile and flexible approach to compliance management. SpecPage helps you achieve better traceability, label accuracy, and food safety with a transparent and global product information solution.

SpecPage is the global leader in state-of-the-art digital process solutions for formula-based food and beverage manufacturing.

Delivering innovative solutions on-premises or in the cloud, SpecPage focuses on helping you achieve and sustain growth through better manufacturing processes.

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