Compliance Guide

Achieve food safety, accurate labeling, traceability and transparency throughout the global supply chain. Features-rich Compliance Guide supports rapid response to regulatory updates with Industry 4.0 integrated compliance solutions.

Food safety, accurate labeling, traceability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain must be guaranteed in order to protect consumers and ensure sustainable growth for producers – and this guarantee is easily and rapidly attainable with SpecPage Compliance Guide.

Regulatory compliance for food and beverage manufacturers has become increasingly stringent – particularly for organizations with a global presence. These laws, requirements and compliance protocols vary from state to state, country to country and increase stress levels on all aspects of the supply chain, from research and development to distribution. Noncompliance is the costliest of measures – both from a profitability standpoint and from legal and consumer safety perspectives.

Product recalls are one of the greatest hazards – reports from reputable research organizations indicate that the cost of food contamination exceeds 55 billion dollars annually, excluding lost sales and brand loyalty damage. These challenges demand top-down, vertical and horizontal tactics that focus on data as a strategic asset for establishing best practices for the development of an engaged culture off compliance.

SpecPage’s Compliance Guide is an exceptionally feature-rich integrated compliance management system that matches product formulas against internationally determined regulatory limits. This tool integrates seamlessly with SpecPDM, delivering rule-based red-light/green-light management reports to meet global compliance challenges.

Compliance Guide provides the foundation for roll-up and roll- out processes that deliver compliance throughout the supply chain. If one component is not compliant, the entire supply chain becomes suspect.

An innovative recipe management feature provides manufacturers with the ability to nest one recipe in another and then decide whether to submit each individual recipe for additive or SOI analysis, or whether to combine the nested recipes and submit them together as one. When a recipe is submitted for additive analysis, rules determine if the concentration levels of the additive ingredients meet their threshold levels both individually as well as combined using molecular weight conversion factors when one substance is expressed as another.

SpecPage Compliance Guide is a comprehensive system of tools that streamlines methods to develop, launch and manage compliance processes by providing simple, intelligent, Industry 4.0 integrated compliance management solutions to establish single components or a Bill of Materials for formula matches against global regulatory requirements and international regulatory limits.

This essential tool delivers a powerful regulatory reference database with access to more than 90,000 regulations across 207 countries, with scalable relevant requirements. Containing 5 million terms in more than 40 languages, the Compliance Guide is updated monthly with convenient, state-of-the-art, user friendly search and cross-referencing tools that are easily customizable with private library data, documents, and customer standards.

Compliance Guide is more than just a checklist – it is an integrated end-to-end monitoring of the product supply chain to deliver transparent and traceable data. It also synchronizes with the SpecPage suite of solutions to deliver one seamless process to manage and control the product and supply chains.

Compliance Guide provides:

The Compliance Guide simplifies complex global regulations into an user-friendly Compliance Management Dashboard delivering effective, automated processes to manage and control product compliance.

The Compliance Guide also provides a governance process to manage the development of products. It provides “what-if” analysis and can be integrated with a myriad of policies and procedures. The Compliance Guide is a logic-based solution that links to Decernis regulatory library to provide the authoritative source document supporting any conclusion.

With SpecPage’s Compliance Guide you have the ability to:

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