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With unrivaled customer service, we deliver a suite of quickstart, out-of-the-box, enhanced process solutions to accelerate time to market, improve product quality, employ digitization to increase revenue and return on investment while supporting global regulatory compliance and reducing production costs.

Hundreds of clients across all continents have implemented the SpecPage suite of solutions to achieve a secure, transparent master data management system, eliminate inaccuracies and prevent confusion and errors. Every one of our clients is a reference client – we provide personalized attention and exceptional customer service to meet the specific needs of each client.

Innovative process solution performance

Decades of experience and dedicated expertise to optimize product data and empower organizations.


The introduction of comprehensive PLM and PDM process solutions is complex; we are dedicated to delivering the implementation support that you need for maximizing digital transformation and achieving tangible, measurable success.


Digital transformation supports traceability and regulatory compliance to secure food safety – SpecPage training is an integral part of successful innovation and product implementation to achieve digitization.

Technical Support

Product data is your foundation and most valuable asset. Technical support for innovation requires rapid, responsive, and trustworthy collaboration for master data management and technical application implementations.

Food Product and Label Services

Clean labels as a single source of truth are imperative – we understand the requirements and can help you develop product labels to meet global regulatory requirements, satisfy consumer demands and increase market share.

GDSN Master Data Capturing

SpecPage process solutions help standardize product data for global market share expansion via the Global Data Synchronization Network. We get you up and running with the right tools to simplify data pool connectivity.

SaaS - Cloud Solutions

Accurate product information management empowers innovation. SpecPIM delivers a comprehensive, precise, real-time assessment of product data to enrich master data management and provide a holistic view of product workflows.

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