GDSN Guide

On-demand access to accurate information for data confirmation, enhanced global regulatory compliance, and nutritional standards via GS1 GDSN data pools. Publishing and validation of product data simplifies and accelerates new market product launch.

The SpecPage GDSN Guide delivers standardized product data via the Global Data Synchronization Network. GDSN is a global network with more than 30 certified data pools linked to 35,000 organizations. It enables collaboration and secure synchronization of accurate real-time data sharing, as well as the exchange of product information updates for master data management.

For both suppliers and distributors, the benefits of joining the GDSN network are wide-ranging. Data confirmation and loaded data pools provide efficient and effective searching and access for clients seeking specific product offerings – saving time and money while ensuring consistency. When suppliers update databases, the information is accordingly updated on all databases for continuity and accuracy.

Many of the benefits to SpecPage clients lie in increased access to accurate information, compliance with requirements and nutrition and health regulations, the elimination of manual processes and simplified new market product procedures. The GDSN registry enables loading, registering, data pool subscription, publishing and confirmation of product related data across multiple data pools – the SpecPage GDSN Guide provides innovative tools to share information with clients via SpecPDM, to guarantee enhanced regulatory compliance and eliminate data errors while ensuring proper validation.

GDSN Discovery Workshop

SpecPage offers personalized, interactive online workshops to illustrate the tangible benefits of developing and managing quality data using SAP GDSN data pools to meet the specific business requirements of your organization. These workshops are designed for master data and project management team members as well as IT leadership and C-suites responsible for ROI and global regulatory compliance.