GDSN Master Data Capturing Outsourcing

SpecPage process solutions help standardize product data for global market share expansion via the Global Data Synchronization Network. We get you up and running with the right tools to simplify data pool connectivity.
SpecPage understands universal best practices for product data, image capture, product data inspections and data governance – as provided by the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). These best practices empower collaboration and help manufacturers attain comprehensive benefits through accurate, quality data. Producers in the food and beverage industry face fierce competition – shrinking profit margins, rapidly changing food trends and rapidly chaning consumer demands increase pressures to get the right product, with the right price in the hands of the right consumer at the right time in order to achieve sustainable growth. Industry leaders understand that the producer with the best, most accurate and complete data, wins. Clear communication and collaboration between SpecPage, manufacturers, data recipients and the GDSN – regardless of size, sector, product type, channel or supply chain role – is essential for successful international product distribution. A few key benefits include:
  • Validated, perpetually updated, accurate, standardized product data and images
  • Easily accessible digital asset information; product image, weights
  • Dimensions, tolerance, allergen and nutritional information applications, product-specific, promotion and marketing data
  • Material sheets, ingredients analysis reports
GDSN quality assurance teams validate product information for completeness and accuracy – incomplete or inaccurate information is flagged for rejection, guaranteeing that when your product reaches the marketplace, it is of the highest quality and ready for purchase. Visibility, transparency and traceability are available throughout the GDSN validation process, should any issues arise. Value-added support from SpecPage:
  • Development of functional specifications
  • Integration and synchronization of master data system with GDSN pool support
  • Implementation of the GTIN-Connector as validation and transmission unit for SAP users
  • New product launch
  • Logistics and web portals
  • Trending opportunities in the marketplace
  • Support for local compliance requirements and regulations
  • e-commerce
The formula-based food and beverage market has matured; consumers are no longer satisfied by promises – no matter the size or reputation of the brand – they require comprehensive data as proof. SpecPage delivers the education and tools you need to simplify the process of connecting to supplier’s product data pools quickly and easily – and enhances your ability to share the information with your clients by publishing online via downloadable specifications sheets. This saves time, money and resources as accurate, consistent data is delivered from a single source.

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