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A Digital Catalog Is Like a Year-Round Trade Show – Or Better

The way customers and suppliers interact has changed forever. Gone are the days when your entire medical device product sales and marketing strategy hinged on attending annual trade shows. So how can you continue to get in front of healthcare buyers and showcase your products when your customers are increasingly online?

Digital catalogs are the ideal solution for showcasing your products in an accessible and interactive online format — offering more features and capabilities than traditional, physical sales materials. 

If you haven’t already, consider making the leap to a digital catalog like Attainia from Revalize. Aside from being a cost-effective solution, a digital catalog can help you reach an entirely new audience — and reach them year-round. 

Why a digital catalog is so important

A digital catalog can offer you benefits far beyond the typical trade show and paper catalog format. Here’s how:

  • Reach new customers
    A digital catalog has the potential to reach more viewers than several annual (expensive) trade show displays — for many reasons. Some professionals prefer researching products online, and may choose to shop with a competitor simply because they offer a digital catalog.   Also, you may gain referrals. With a digital catalog format, your customers can easily share product information with their professional networks and on social media — and may drive traffic back to your products.
  • Share detailed information about your products
    Think of your digital product listings as an enhanced trade show display. There’s no limit to the amount of product information you can share: documentation, images, MEP information, white papers, spec sheets, case studies, REVIT families, and more.  With access to more detailed information and the ability to easily search through and compare products, customers may be more likely to try a new product rather than stick with what they are familiar with. This is especially helpful for professionals who are making purchasing decisions across a wide range of product types — the more information they can have at their fingertips, the more confident they can feel about their purchasing decisions.
  • Gain year-round coverage
    A digital catalog has no start or end date. You gain maximum coverage year-round to prospect, engage customers, and display your products, without the limits of booth space.


  • Launch new products to your customers anytime
    New products can be instantly added to your digital catalog, rather than waiting until the next big trade show to debut a new offering.


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!


Unlock the secrets of PLM and take control of your product development journey. Click now for our comprehensive ‘PLM for Manufacturers’ guide!

Understand your market positioning with analytics

A benefit to having a digital catalog that no trade show or paper catalog can offer you is access to comprehensive analytics that show how your products are performing. The Attainia supplier program provides you with the data you need to accurately track customer engagement. With a trade show and paper catalog format, you’ll get a record of final sales, but no information on other customer behavior. 

Similar to Google Analytics or most other e-commerce offerings, Attainia supplier members will get detailed reports on their products’ performance, including:

  • Which products are getting the most views 
  • Which products are under-performing
  • How customers interact with product listings before deciding whether or not to buy

Tracking and analyzing these metrics can help sales teams get better at identifying high-potential leads and prioritizing work accordingly. Sales data can also highlight bottlenecks where customer churn happens so changes can be made. All of these benefits combine to help sales teams work more efficiently. 

Build a better digital catalog with Attainia

With more than 20,000 monthly platform users in more than 1,100 hospitals, Attainia delivers an instantly accessible, integrated catalog of 67,000 SKUs and 5,800 product categories. This strong community means a built-in base of professionals who will have access to your products when you switch to a digital catalog using Attainia.

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