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Why PDM is your solution

PRO.FILE PDM empowers your business with integrated control over product data, automated workflows, enhanced integrations, and ensuring version control.

Centralize product data

Centralization of product data ensures easy access and management (single source of truth)

Simplify data handling

Simplify the handling of CAD data, ERP data, and office documents.

Automate processes

Automation eliminates manual errors and delays in workflows.

Unified file system

PRO.FILE ensures, that each document exists only once.


Enhance integration between CAD, ERP, and office for seamless data flow.

Data security and version control

PRO.FILE ensures data security and version control to prevent accidental overwrites.

Multiple CAD systems

Unify MCAD and ECAD data management with multi-CAD support

Expand product data scope

Manage all product-related information, including specifications, calculations, and more.


Centralize communication about requirements, decision history and meta data in one single source of truth.
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Streamlined success

Revalize’s unified data hub serves as the cornerstone for efficient and seamless product development processes. By integrating disparate data sources into a centralized platform, Revalize empowers teams to access, analyze, and leverage critical information with unprecedented ease. This consolidation eliminates silos and promotes collaboration across departments, fostering a holistic understanding of the product lifecycle.

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Impressive results: 40-50% reduction in maintenance time

“PRO.FILE delivered outstanding results for us. We reduced maintenance time for part master data and bills of materials by an impressive 40-50 percent.”
– Toni Renken, Lead Engineer, Argo Hytos S.R.O.

“Replacing PSP was an opportunity to overhaul our product development processes. Today, our part master data is the cornerstone for merging product data and documents.”
– Martin Kindl, Head of Design Team, Baumann GmbH

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