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Specialty Vehicle manufacturing

Simplify the way you configure, price, and quote with CPQ solutions for specialty vehicles.

Manufacturing challenges

Manufacturing and selling specialty vehicles, including truck bodies, trailers, and more, comes with a unique set of challenges. Specialized vehicles often require custom configurations to meet diverse customer needs, resulting in a highly complex manufacturing process. Additionally, you need to manage regulatory compliance and safety standards, fluctuations in material costs, and an intricate, global supply chain.

To efficiently navigate these challenges, motor vehicle manufacturers need advanced CPQ software. At Revalize, our CPQ solutions are meticulously designed to tackle these industry hurdles, enabling you to streamline the complex configuration of specialized vehicles, establish competitive pricing strategies, and create precise quotes—all while ensuring compliance with rigorous regulatory and safety standards. In an industry driven by customization and precision, our CPQ solutions are essential for sales excellence.

Digital transformation with CPQ

Streamline processes

Simplify complexity and meet the individual needs of your customers with automated workflows for your configuration, pricing, and quoting processes. Further maximize efficiencies by seamlessly integrating CPQ with your CRM, ERP, and other business systems.

Enhance accuracy

Eliminate errors with automation throughout the quote-to-cash journey. Ensure accurate configurations for your specific customer needs, optimized pricing that factors in fluctuating costs and supply chain complexities, precise quotes and product documentation, and strict adherence to regulatory and safety requirements.

Accelerate sales cycles

Save time with streamlined workflows; advanced, real-time visualization that helps your customers see their specialty vehicles, trucks, and trailers from every angle, speeding up decision making; and multi-channel sales enablement. Empower your team and sales channels to deliver accurate quotes faster, improving sales productivity and accelerating your time to revenue.

Advanced CPQ functionality:

Embrace the future of specialty vehicle manufacturing with our powerful CPQ solution.

Advanced rules engine

Our sophisticated rules engine simplifies the most complex configuration scenarios. It ensures accurate product configurations every time, eliminating errors and ensuring optimal performance tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Intelligent guided selling

Navigate sales processes effortlessly. Our guided selling feature offers real-time recommendations, guiding sales reps to the best pricing strategy and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. It shortens the sales cycle and enhances customer success.

Automated multi-level bill of materials (BOM)

Streamline manufacturing with an automated BOM generation. The system instantaneously creates a detailed BOM, ensuring every component and product information detail is accurately captured and ready for production.

Dynamic smart part numbering

Bid goodbye to manual part numbering. Our dynamic system automatically assigns and manages part numbers with product data, ensuring consistency, traceability, and reduced errors.

Best practice for integrating CPQ in specialty and commercial vehicles manufacturing

Discover technological innovations in specialty motor vehicle manufacturing CPQ

Equip your sales force with the capabilities to revolutionize your specialty motor vehicle manufacturing operations using Revalize CPQ solutions. Dive into our comprehensive CPQ Guide to gain insights on overcoming sector-specific hurdles with cutting-edge CPQ features. Download our Ultimate CPQ Guide to learn how you can navigate through industry challenges with advanced CPQ functionalities.

User-friendly UI/UX with automated workflows

Experience a seamless product performance in an intuitive user interface. Our platform ensures that tasks flow logically, reducing the learning curve and accelerating user proficiency, all while automating repetitive tasks.

Multi-currency pricing (MCP)

Going global is a breeze. Meet customer requirements in international markets effortlessly with our multi-currency pricing feature, allowing you to provide accurate quotes in various currencies based on real-time exchange rates.

Advanced, real-time 3D visualization

Give customers an immersive experience. Users can view product configurations in detailed 3D, ensuring that what they see is what they get, enhancing confidence and reducing post-sale discrepancies.

Seamless system integration with ERP, CRM, and more

Say no to data silos. Revalize CPQ solutions effortlessly integrates with leading ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems, ensuring data consistency, improved efficiency, and a unified view across platforms.

Rapid deployment for accelerated time-to-value (TTV) and return on investment (ROI)

Get up and running in no time. Our solution ensures a smooth onboarding process, allowing your manufacturing business to realize the benefits faster and achieve a quicker return on their investment.

Why Revalize?

At the intersection of innovation and global reach, Revalize stands as the future of software solutions in the manufacturing industry, committed to empowering your business with a suite of tools essential to achieving operational excellence in the Industry 4.0 era. Our state-of-the-art CPQ solutions for industrial manufacturers are designed for an agile and streamlined approach to complex configurations, advancing automation and collaboration to position your team as a driver for sustainable growth. Join thousands of manufacturers who partner with Revalize for digital transformation. Contact us to schedule your demo.

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