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Discrete Manufacturing

Simplify complex configuration in manufacturing environments.

Deliver greater customer experiences with solutions that align each element of your manufacturing value chain


Easily streamline complex product configuration and quote creation. Speed your time-to-revenue with configuration, pricing, and quoting solutions.

Create professional sales documents with your brand and corporate identity front and center. Empower your dealers and distributors to create personalized quote documents and spec sheets that are generated in seconds with every quote.
Essential CPQ functions sought out by top manufacturers to increase revenue and accelerate sales.

Product configurator

For manufacturers and distributors, a product configurator assists you in selecting options for a product to meet the individual needs of your customers.


Provide comprehensive quotes automatically for customers. View and edit bills of materials from the quoting interface, manage customers, and generate dynamic quote documents, while reducing errors and saving time.


Powerful rules and logic guide users through the configuration process.

Advancing CPQ solutions for manufacturing excellence

Pioneering digital transformation across industries

Specialty vehicle

Empower your sales team with CPQ solutions tailored for specialty vehicle manufacturing. Harness the potential of advanced configurations to overcome industry-specific challenges.

Industrial equipment

Revitalize your sales processes with CPQ solutions designed for industrial equipment manufacturing. Navigate industry challenges with cutting-edge CPQ functionalities.

Material handling

Transform your sales dynamics with CPQ solutions for material handling equipment manufacturing. Address industry complexities with our state-of-the-art CPQ features.

Instrument manufacturing

Drive precision and efficiency in sales with our CPQ solutions crafted for this specialized manufacturing domain. Stay ahead of industry demands with our groundbreaking CPQ tools.

Electrical equipment

Electrify your sales strategies with CPQ solutions optimized for electrical equipment manufacturing. Unlock strategies to combat industry-specific challenges using our modern CPQ capabilities.

HVAC equipment

Enhance your sales approach with CPQ solutions dedicated to HVAC equipment manufacturing. Adapt to and overcome industry challenges with top-tier CPQ features.

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Whereas previously, it took four to six weeks to train an employee to learn to accurately input orders, we can now teach them to do so in one hour. Instead of having to learn detailed rules for cutting glass for different shower options, they simply enter the measurements, and the system does the rest.”

Nick Papas

Quality Enclosures,
Technology supervisor