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FM 104 – Using the Control and Instrument Devices in PIPE-FLO (4 Hours)

FM 104 provides users with both the fundamentals as well as hands-on lab work to gain an in-depth understanding of the control and instrument devices modeled in PIPE-FLO. The parameters associated with sizing and designing control valves, pressure relief devices, balancing orifices, and meters will be discussed and put into practice in the virtual lab. Exercises using PIPE-FLO will reinforce the workflow to create a piping system digital twin, understand how results can be used as virtual instrumentation, and better understand how to evaluate calculated results of each device.
Course Objectives:

  • Gain an appreciation for how a PIPE-FLO model can be used as virtual instrumentation
  • Learn design and operating parameters for control valves, pressure relief valves, meters, and orifices
  • Become familiar with industry standards for control and instrument devices how fundamental hydraulic concepts and standards associated with pumps and fans are used in system analysis
  • Understand how to evaluate control devices operating under various conditions and operating modes
  • Learn the causes and effects of choked flow conditions
  • Apply learnings through practical exercises”