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FM 306 – Using Data Automation in PIPE-FLO (4 Hours)

FM 306 will give students hands-on experience using PIPE-FLO’s Data Automation feature in a Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT) environment to import large amounts of data into a piping system model in various phases of a plant life cycle.  Students will learn how to quickly import data during the construction phase to create an “as-built” digital twin, to import operational data during commissioning, and import production forecasts to evaluate the need for plant expansion or modifications.

Recommended Prerequisites: FM-302

Course Objectives:

  • Gain hands-on experience using PIPE-FLO’s Data Automation features to import large sums of plant data during various phases of the plant life cycle
  • Learn how Data Automation can retrieve data residing on external servers during the construction phase to create an “as-built” digital twin and determine equipment deficiencies prior to commissioning
  • See how to utilize the Data Automation feature during commissioning to create a validated digital twin of the piping system and identify plant problems during operations
  • Learn how importing production forecasts into the digital twin can identify the need for changes to the plant configuration or need for plant expansion
  • Student exercises: Updating system design data during build phase, Creating a validated digital twin with operation data, Evaluating plant capacity to meet production forecasts

Length: 4 hours (4 PDH, 0.4 CEU)



Jun 06 2024


US Pacific time
8:00 am - 12:00 pm