Why eRep CPQ for HVAC Manufacturers

Integrate Selection, Pricing, Quoting, Reporting and Multi-Channel Sales Management With Ease

Manufacturers of HVAC products require a unique solution to compete in the marketplace.

  • Consultants can’t be expected to interpolate engineering tables anymore.
  • Engineers expect selection programs that generate equipment schedules.
  • Sales reps need integrated selection, pricing, and quoting plus generate project-specific submittals.

To take market share and grow the business, a CPQ for HVAC manufacturers is required and must meet the needs of consultants, sales reps, sales managers, engineering, and order entry while also delivering solutions for OEM sales, omni-channel sales, and split commission sales. eRep CPQ for HVAC manufacturers is that solution!

Count on a Team Who Understands Your Business

With over 20 years experience working with the HVAC industry combined with experienced HVAC engineers on staff, BCA Technologies is the trusted choice for many of the world’s top HVAC manufacturers.

Central Equipment

Selection, pricing, quoting, and submittals for chillers, boilers, water heaters, cooling towers, pumps, VFDs, valves, piping accessories, solar systems, and other central HVAC equipment.

Air Handlers

Selection, pricing, and configuration of modular and packaged air handlers, 100% outdoor units with coils, heat wheels, heat pipes, UV lights, fan arrays, and other accessories. BCA has fan and coil calculation engines as well as DLL integrations with vendors.

And Everything Else

GRD, VAV, air valves, controls, pre-insulated pipe, valves, heat exchangers, coils, heat pipes, filters, kitchen equipment, ranges, fume hoods, and everything else can be selected, priced, and quoted faster and easier in eRep.

Help Consultants and Reps Select the Right Products

eRep is the only CPQ platform which allows consultants and reps to perform engineering selections, calculations, build equipment schedules, and generate job-specific specifications that make the manufacturers products basis of design. Selections make sure the product will meet the performance requirements before they are quoted and ordered.

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Manufacturer’s Distributors Benefits

Create and Track Quotes Across Sales Channels

Reps can generate stunning quotes and proposals in a snap with accurate customer-specific discounts, freight and other charges. Built-in workflows for special pricing requests and special engineering requests automate reps requesting assistance and organize requests for sales and engineering. So when a order comes in from eRep, order entry knows pricing and engineering approvals have been given.

These built-in features save the rep’s time and automatically updates manufacturer’s forecasts while dramatically reducing costly errors and order processing time.

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Easy “One-Click” Submittals

In HVAC bid projects, equipment submittals is one of the most time consuming tasks a sales rep has to do. It can take hours for a rep to go through a manufacturers web site and cobble together PDF pages that match what has been quoted.

eRep’s unique submittal configurator takes what the rep has selected and quoted and dynamically builds a project-specific submittal broken out by specification section. Quote-specific sales sheets, dimensions, wiring diagrams, controls, accessories all provided in one PDF or Word document.

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Integrated Parts Store

eRep Enterprise includes a powerful online parts sales module that allows reps and end-customers to search, find, and order (or buy) replacement parts from their office or the field.

Your reps expect a digital buying experience 24/7. eRep can tie into your ERP inventory system to give them pricing and lead time. Manufacturers like Johnson Controls have increased parts sales up to 60% the first year.

Available Anywhere

eRep is designed for where and how you work. That means you need on-demand access to product and pricing data in your preferred language and across all currencies.

Mobile Responsive Design

Access your information across all your devices without having to sacrifice performance or user experience. Do selections, pricing, quoting, get orders status right on your phone.

Global Access

Access your information across all your devices without having to sacrifice performance or user experience. Do selections, pricing, quoting, get orders status right on your phone.

Real-Time Collaboration with All Sales Channels

Another unique feature of eRep CPQ that is perfect for HVAC industry is the built-in collaboration tools that allow consultants, reps, managers, and the factory to collaborate and share opportunities, quotes, and support information.

This saves all players time and can eliminate costly errors. Reps can do selections, build schedules and specifications for consultants. And quote the job to 10 contractors without retyping anything. No other CPQ we know of can do this.

Channel Partner Portal

Your distributors, dealers, and independent manufacturer rep firms can quote more often which results in more sales and faster onboarding of new reps and products.

Consulting Engineer Portal

Give consulting engineers a platform to select the correct product at their design conditions to make you basis of design. This can increase your close rates from 25% to 70%.

Forecasts Simplified


Sales Leadership Forecasts

Eliminate manual forecast reports and save time by having immediate insights into the quoting activities of your distributed sales channels.

Operations Insights

Make better plans for production and material control by having a clear insight into your future orders rather than reacting to each order as it comes in.

Marketing Research Reports

Gather data about product demand, price point and discount incentives, and channel-specific customer buying patterns to assist in supporting your sales teams.

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