eRep CPQ for Manufacturing

Why Manufacturers Need eRep CPQ

eRep CPQ is a modern sales software platform that empowers manufacturers to quote, sell, and support complex products via direct sales and through omni-channel partners. eRep enables faster quote delivery for shorter sales cycles and increased revenues, streamlined pricing updates, elimination of costly errors, improved channel management, and increased visibility with advanced reporting and business intelligence.

Face It Your Sales Channels Need to Quote Fast

Forrester’s research of distributors shows that today’s sales channels expect a digital, convenient buying process with mobile access. It also shows that customers will switch loyalty if the sales process does not meet those criteria.

Plus your distributors, sales reps, and dealers are probably losing sales because they can’t get the quotes completed fast enough. And they don’t have enough time to follow-up on previous quotes. That affects reaching your sales goals.

Need for Speed

In today’s world, customers need answers now. How fast a salesperson can get a quote to a customer is critical to closing more sales and improving customer experience.

Accuracy is Critical

Pricing and discount mistakes during the quoting process are usually absorbed by the manufacturer in whole or part, costing you money and reducing overall margin.

More Stakeholders

Today’s B2B selling often involves collaboration between multiple sales reps, sales offices, and managers requiring real-time coordination and approvals.

Complex Pricing Frustrates

Complex pricing frustrates sellers trying to get quotes done quickly which results in sellers less likely to quote more often. New reps can take months and even years to onboard.

Sales Channel Updating

Keeping sales channels updated with the latest products, pricing, options, and discounts is costly for manufacturers and frustrating for distributors, resulting in costly mistakes.

Need Answers Anytime

Today’s B2B sales channels are doing quotes on nights and weekends, at home, and golf course on many devices. They expect your sales platform to be available anytime on any device.

Manufacturers Benefits

Manufacturer’s Distributors Benefits

Start the Conversation

Designer Portal for Influencers

Consultants and end-customers are powerful allies to your sales channels. Being Basis-of-Design increase sales closure from 30% to 70% for most manufacturers. eRep’s unique architecture allows tools such as engineering selection, ROI, economic, and savings calculators they fill out which generates smart leads for your sales channels.

Why Choose eRep CPQ?

eRep is the complete and affordable sales solution for your internal and external sales channels to dramatically grow sales while helping the entire organization be more efficient, organized and accurate.

eRep can leverage your existing price books, spreadsheets, and ERP data into a complete, modern solution saving time and frustration for everyone from your customers to order entry to the board room.

Empower Your Sales Teams

eRep CPQ is so much faster, easier and less costly to train, onboard, and grow sales because it makes complex pricing and quoting simple. Salespeople you have quote more because its easier and faster.

And the best distributors want to represent your products because you have the quoting tool for them.

One platform to price the most complex products, order parts, add options, present alternate quotes and generate quote-specific submittals – its a salesperson’s dream.

Mistake-Proof the Process

eRep comes with workflows for special products, write-in products, special discount requests. These workflows are used by other manufacturers to reduce response time, and document requests for analysis.

eRep reduces errors by getting the right pricing changes to everyone at the right time. Product and customer discounts and/or commissions automatically flow to the distributor quotes.

The bottom line is more sales, less chaos.

Elevate Your Business

Peace of Mind You Can Count On

Straightforward Implementation

Quick-Start implementations that get your pricing loaded quickly. Partial and Full service turn-key implementations available. Our implementation team can meet you where you are, bring order to chaos, and get you up and running fast.

You are in Control

Intuitive configurator interface allows for entering in new products, sales documents, rules, and images. For large product lines and bulk edits, pricing admins love updating products using eRep’s spreadsheet editor. Either way, you are in control.

Global Scalability

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform, you’ve got access to over 50 regions and availability in over 149 countries. Native tools deliver simplified support of multiple languages and currencies, allowing you a scalable platform to grow your business across the world.

Customized Implementation, Integrations & Workflows.
Work With Engineers Who Know Manufacturing

The eRep Professional Services team, powered by BCA Technologies, has over 20 years experience creating custom solutions for manufacturers, distributors, trade show providers and more. Problem solvers at heart, they’re the team you can rely on.