Sharing, collaboration, empowerment. Made easy.

The digital project room for product-centric companies

PROOM – the modern way of collaboration
Whether you want to exchange documents, talk about them, or coordinate your project tasks: PROOM makes it easier for engineers, project managers, purchasers and just about everyone else working in product-centric companies to exchange large files and communicate with internal and external partners. No emails, no FTP servers, no limits.

This is PROOM

Sharing, collaboration, empowerment. Made easy.

PROOM: created by experts for experts

Exchange confidential documents

PROOM was specially designed to let engineering companies exchange confidential information in complex project scenarios.

Gain full visibility and control

Granular user rights and activity logs let you coordinate and keep track of user activities in interdisciplinary projects.

Communicate securely and tamper-free

Your project rooms are tamper-proof & secure and let you collaborate with internal and external partners in a single interface.

Get started quickly and efficiently

PROOM can be easily set up and managed by the business departments themselves, taking a load off your IT team.

Developed to meet the needs of product-centric companies

PROOM streamlines the way you collaborate on projects with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Your requirements – your PROOM

Be it an engineering office, an enterprise, or anything in between – there is the right edition of PROOM for you







PROOM and PLM – the perfect match

PLM and DMStec with PRO.FILE
Application Packages with PRO.CEED