PRO.FILE and speedmaxx CPQE

Embrace digital transformation with both CPQE and PLM, a seamless end-to-end solution for the digital product lifecycle.

A PLM system that comes with a fully integrated product configurator is the best way to guarantee you always give your customers the product information they are looking for. The symbiosis between the PRO.FILE PLM system and speedmaxx creates a winning combination that, for the first time ever, enables you to easily and quickly configure your products right within the PLM system while providing you with a single source of truth for all of your data and documents all the way down to the manufacturing BOM.
No more workarounds involving complex and costly interfaces between disparate systems. Both PRO.FILE speedmaxx are built on years of experience that now make up this perfect pairing.

Bringing CPQE & PLM together

One development roadmap, two products – how does this play out for customers and users?
It’s simple: They can invest more confidently knowing that in the future they will be working with a clearly defined product whose features are seamlessly integrated. Each new development step will be inseparably tied to the next. All suggestions and ideas for the next version will be on the same table and carefully tuned to the needs of the customer: “How can PLM and product configuration work hand in hand to streamline processes?” Potential errors will be identified ahead of time and eliminated. There will be no sudden discontinuation of a product branch. Last but not least, this will drive down cost, giving customers the best software at the best price.

speedmaxx module overview

Your End-to-End Solution for the digital product lifecycle

One platform – full power – endless possibilities
Product-centric companies, big or small, have always dreamt of having an easy-to-use product configurator that is seamlessly integrated with a PLM user interface, enabling them to automatically generate their product structures including 3D models.

Interested in driving success with CPQE & PLM?

Start with a fully functional basic version of speedmaxx that lets you get going with minimal prior training. After that, it’s up to you decide which other modules would benefit you and your business. Use speedmaxx to configure your products at the click of a button. Try out different variants, visualize your results in 3D, and have the system provide you with the right price and quote in your customer’s language. PRO.FILE works in the background, synchronizing it all with your CAD system. Models, data, assemblies, parts, BOM, drawings – everything will be up to date, accurate, and ready for order processing! Customize it to your needs, your options are virtually limitless. Don’t hesitate to talk to us. We will be happy to show you how you can leverage the integration of PRO.FILE and speedmaxx to streamline your sales and engineering processes and make your customers even happier.