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From CAD data management to product-centric process automation, global leaders in manufacturing rely on PRO.FILE to stay ahead of their competitors.

The application areas

Product Data Management

Leverage PDM/PLM to bring together your CAD data, documents, and BOMs with a Product Data Backbone. Integrate PDM/PLM with your ERP system

Document Management

Control and manage your technical documents with an Engineering Data Backbone

Product Lifecycle Management

Leverage PLM software with built-in PLM processes to control the flow of your product data and information

Collaborative PLM/DMStec

Execute enterprise-wide workflows and collaborate in real time from a single source of truth

Project Document Workspaces

Stay in control of your external collaboration and exchange project documents through a central platform

Industries we serve

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Automation, IoT, critical industry challenges. Need robust solutions. Internal processes like PLM, DMS crucial. PLM/DMS tech ensures control, streamlines data flow from CAD to ERP, integrates IoT data into engineering.
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Systems Engineering

Systems engineering: vast, complex systems, numerous components, documents. Challenge: managing data, retrieving information efficiently. PLM/DMS tech ideal solution. Stores project documents, meets audit standards, automates document control for reliable processes.
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High Tech and Electronics

High tech and electronics lag in PLM and technical document management. PRO.FILE offers best practice PLM, ECAD integration, document control for tech and business docs.
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Medical Engineering

In medical engineering, complying with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 is vital. PRO.FILE automates tasks, ensures compliance, creates approval folders, standardizes electronic documentation, and facilitates digital signatures and workflows.
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Operation, Maintenance

Maintenance timing critical. Single-click access to component info in DMStec aids planning, quick action. DMStec advantages: Compliance documentation, digital twins, industry-specific designation systems mapping (e.g., KKS codes for power plants).
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Utilities prioritize operational readiness. PRO.FILE serves as Asset Information Backbone, providing instant access to critical infrastructure data and documents. Enables on-site data entry, accelerates decision-making, ensures delivery reliability.
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Aerospace engineering critical, highly regulated. Reliable PLM/DMStec crucial for compliance automation. Enables thorough documentation, standardized workflows, end-to-end performance records with ease.
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Automotive industry demands precision, control, collaboration. PLM/DMStec enables multi-CAD integration, best practice design processes, mapped engineering changes for full data control, approval processes, and real-time collaboration across distributed teams and third parties.
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Shipbuilding demands precise engineering, document-intensive project management. DMStec/PLM systems aid in lifecycle file implementation, error prevention, process standardization, and digitalization.
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PRO.FILE is the leading software platform designed to maximize efficiency by integrating with major ERP systems, providing a robust product data backbone for product lifecycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM), technical document management (DMStec), and product-centric process automation. Join more than 1,300 global leaders in manufacturing who have chosen PRO.FILE to increase speed-to-market, reduce costs, streamline complexity, and outpace the competition.

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