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CPQ Best Practices for a Smooth, Successful Launch

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is one of the most beneficial tools a company can implement, but it often requires a major overhaul of business and sales processes. With so much to gain, it’s important not to get discouraged by inevitable resistance. Humans naturally resist change, both in our personal lives and at work. Whenever a company announces a major change in their internal processes, staff members can often feel stressed — even when they know the change is for the better.

With something as important as your sales processes and revenue pipelines, it’s critical to implement CPQ as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s why you need a solid strategy for a smooth and successful launch.

3 Best Practices For a CPQ Rollout

CPQ software is a major investment for every organization. Here’s how to create a smooth transition for your employees and customers:

1. Justify the Change

The first thing you need to do is explain the need for the change to your employees. Highlighting the issues you want to overcome by implementing CPQ software will contextualize why the change is happening and give employees a goal to work toward. Taking the time to justify the new software will get employees excited about the changes to come and the benefits they’ll bring.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

2. Emphasize the Positive

CPQ software will streamline the most cumbersome processes for your employees, producing more accurate configurations and quotes. That’s great news for them. It’s important to emphasize these positive new aspects to get buy-in from your staff. Focus on:

3. Address Concerns

The next best practice during the launch should be addressing the concerns of your staff and customers. Here’s how to ensure buy-in:

The Bottom Line

CPQ software is reshaping the future of manufacturing. We know launching a new system is a huge change, but it’s a change that will positively impact your company for years to come. Successful implementation strategies start with highlighting the benefits of a new system, and securing buy-in from both staff and customers. Of course, only the right solution can generate that kind of excitement.
Learn more about what a leading-edge CPQ system can do for your company by scheduling a Revalize demo.