Suppliers Guide

Innovative Supplier’s Guide provides rapid access to essential specifications to reduce workload and increase data security. Save time, eliminate errors, and create and capture workflow specifications with single-entry data processes.

The SpecPage suite of solutions includes an innovative Supplier’s Guide to capture specifications, supplier and quality questionnaires and supplementary content online for time and cost saving measures.

The essential first step in the data management supply chain, the SpecPage-hosted supplier portal is designed to eliminate a range of challenges, from food safety to data security and ease of specifications management.

This advanced guide simplifies the specifications supply process by allowing manufacturers to direct information and data to a hosted online portal, then download and publish the data to SpecPDM product data management, where it may be retrieved by stakeholders who have authorized access.

The Supplier’s Guide is fully responsive and customizable. It provides the framework for producers to determine the information and documents required from suppliers. Once the information has been captured and certification documentation has been attached, authorized shareholders are automatically notified via email.
Supplier’s Guide validates electronic signatures for legally binding specifications throughout the supply chain process, and it allows transparency and traceability regarding the specification document views and creations.

From raw ingredients to specifications and quality management, Supplier’s Guide allows authorized users to define the parameters, documents and data, which becomes part of the chain of information contained in the database. Information exchanged via email is simply not as safe or protected as data stored within Supplier’s Guide.
In addition to safety, this interactive supplier portal delivers convenient, speedy response access to raw ingredients and specifications data on-demand.

Far from static, this technology in fact includes anticipatory follow-up features. More than 50 percent of initial email requests that are sent to suppliers regarding raw ingredient questions go unanswered. Supplier’s Guide anticipates this delay and lack of response and follows up on the original request until a response is received.

Internal and external suppliers benefit enormously, as product specifications must only be entered one time. The software is flexible in allowing for additional specification management and changes and responding to specific customer queries with rapid, accurate, efficient and comprehensive information.

  • Rapid access to accurate supplier specifications
  • Unmatched comprehensive, cost-effective specifications management
  • Reduced work-load and workflow specifications creation
  • Substantially increased data security
  • Increased accuracy and error elimination for manual exportation to other capture tools
  • Enhanced ease of certification and audits for supply chain management


Data security is guaranteed with viewable individual logins. Each shareholder views the raw materials or relevant specifications that they created or are authorized to view, as well as communications necessary to perform assigned tasks.

In addition, manufacturers can define the data and rate it by means of priority – allowing for the use of multiple suppliers, and the comparison of data amongst the suppliers, with either exact specifications or updated specifications.

The ability to connect and deliver the necessary information to authorized users via a responsive and interactive hosted supplier portal is essential in providing collaboration, information and documentation for suppliers:

  • Rapid access to information across channels
  • Information requests are answered in real-time
  • Downloaded information available to authorized shareholders
  • Superior data quality, data is error-free
  • Tracking via data release
  • Electronic matching for specifications feature


Food safety must be a top priority for recipe and formula-based manufacturers. The financial consequence of a product recall can be thousands of dollars – but the cost of lost consumer trust could bankrupt an organization. The best way to achieve food safety is via specifications management from the original ideation.

SpecPage Supplier’s Guide is an exceptionally user-friendly, award-winning process solution with a multitude of modular set-ups. It earned recognition as the 2017 Mittelstand IT Innovation Made in Germany award for Innovative Software-Smith operating globally.

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Simple, secure, responsive, customizable. SpecPage supplier’s Guide delivers comprehensive, cost effective product and food specifications management. Our free trial access demonstrates how Supplier’s Guide connects food manufacturers to suppliers with the click of a button, providing the foundation for increased data security, data accuracy and error elimination.