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7 CPQ Engineering Benefits for Manufacturers

From approving quotes to designing and building products, engineers play a major role in keeping a manufacturing operation running smoothly. That’s what makes a configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution such a valuable asset in their toolbelt.

While this technology empowers every manufacturing department, CPQ benefits engineers significantly by freeing up their valuable time.

What is CPQ?

CPQ is a digital tool that allows customers to configure custom products, ensure accurate pricing, and generate quotes automatically to streamline the sales process.

By connecting departments, centralizing data, and empowering customers, CPQ solutions help your team provide the best quoting experience possible.

Why is CPQ important in engineering?

CPQ adds value for the engineering team during the quoting process. Through increased access to quoting data, engineers have the opportunity to stop potential errors from happening and prevent costly mistakes.

Integrating the engineering department directly into the quoting process saves engineers from extensive back-and-forth with sales about the feasibility of product customizations and timelines.


Unlock the secrets to turbocharging manufacturer operations! Dive into our comprehensive guide, where we demystify CPQ, making optimization a breeze. Click now and revolutionize your manufacturing process.


Unlock the secrets to turbocharging manufacturer operations! Dive into our comprehensive guide, where we demystify CPQ, making optimization a breeze. Click now and revolutionize your manufacturing process.

7 key CPQ engineering benefits

CPQ solutions make engineers’ lives easier. Increased access to the quoting process helps engineers contribute more from the beginning while doing less over the course of a project — so they can focus on the complex, high-value aspects of their roles.

1. Streamlined engineering process

One of CPQ’s key benefits is its ability to automate the creation of quotes and proposals. CPQ eliminates the need for constant revisions and administrative oversight by centralizing data so all departments have access.

This process allows engineers to make corrections and approvals early on in the quoting process — freeing up their time to focus on designing and building products instead of quotes.

2. Improved accuracy

When engineers have hands-on access during the early stages of the quoting process, this also eliminates the risk of human error. Engineers understand the feasibility of the products they design, as well as how customizations affect outcomes and timelines. CPQ ensures accuracy of engineering designs by leveraging engineering knowledge — removing the potential for miscommunication and frustration.

3. Uses standardized product info and rules

Because engineers have the ability to import and update the latest product information and rules, they can feel comfortable knowing sales has the most accurate information possible and there won’t be errors in their quotes.

CPQ also assists in simultaneous part number generation so engineers don’t have to worry about tracking or cataloging parts information before the quoting process begins.

4. Enhanced collaboration between sales and engineers

CPQ shares real-time data on product availability, pricing, and configurations between sales and engineering. With access to a central platform, departments can work on a quote simultaneously — without the need for back-and-forth communication. This allows for quick design changes based on customer feedback that doesn’t get drawn out.

5. Faster time to market

Eliminating the bottlenecks of outdated quoting processes helps configuration get done quicker. Since many engineering tasks can be automated, your team can respond to requests faster and reduce the burden on your engineering team. Quotes are created and checked simultaneously, without the need for a multi-step approval process.

6. Improved productivity

By automating quote creation, engineers are free to focus on higher-level tasks like designing and building new products. This newfound time increases productivity levels and employee value across the organization.

CPQ also integrates with computer aided design (CAD) programs, which saves engineers time importing files and keeping specifications up-to-date. This real-time integration lets engineers customize products, confirm feasibility, and approve quotes simultaneously.

7. Increased sales and revenue

Ultimately, CPQ benefits manufacturers by boosting their bottom line. With real-time info on pricing and availability, engineers can create accurate and competitive quotes that meet customer needs and win more business. CPQ not only increases productivity and value, it also enhances your customers’ experiences and their faith in your company.

Leverage CPQ engineering benefits with Configure One Cloud, from Revalize

Empowering your engineers with CPQ will boost performance and streamline your quoting process. Using a CPQ solution like Configure One Cloud makes your entire team better while your engineers’ lives get easier. Companies like Flanders Corporation reduced their quoting and approval time from days to about 10 minutes using Configure One Cloud’s Real Time 2D drawing module.

Keep your engineers performing their best. Learn more about Configure One Cloud and how it can enhance your engineering team.

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